Here’s Why You Should Consider Microsoft Advertising

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A recent study revealed that Google is still the most popular option when it comes to online searches, easily dominating the search engine usage with an average of 73.34% net market share.

By looking at the numbers, we can see why Google Ads would be an excellent starting place for advertising your business. But even though the platform offers a broad and diverse audience, among many other benefits, it also brings a ferocious list of competitors. 

This would be just one of the reasons why an additional investment in other advertising platforms would be a smart move to make. There are a few choices regarding digital marketing tools, but today, we would like to introduce you to Microsoft Advertising and show you the advantages of using it. 

What Makes Microsoft Advertising Different?

Unlike Google Ads, which shows your ads on Google, Microsoft Ads will present the ads on two separate search engines, Yahoo! And Bing. It is worthy of being mentioned that although Bing is not as widely used as other search engines, it has shown small but constant increases in the net market share over the past few years. 

In some aspects, Microsoft Advertising resembles the rest of marketing services, using an advertiser’s PPC (pay per click) and an ad’s CTR (click-through rate) to determine how frequently an advertisement should be shown. It also allows you to create various campaigns and manage them, even when offline. 

But Microsoft Ads distinguishes itself by letting you select your target audience’s demographics, and, as most platforms, it provides its users with APIs (application programming interface), which makes tracking the progress of its campaigns a lot easier. Microsoft Advertising also allows its users to import their Google Ads campaigns, ultimately encouraging the use of both platforms. 

How Does It Work? 

The first thing you will have to do when setting up an ad campaign in Microsoft Advertising is to set up your goal, and you have multiple options you can choose from. You can decide if you want to encourage people to visit your website or your business location, or you can choose to have more conversions on your website. Some additional goals would be more phone calls, having dynamic search ads, and selling more products from your catalog.

After selecting your goal, you can move on to creating your advertising campaigns. You can customize your campaign from the very start by selecting your budget, location, demographic targeting, and language. Then, you can proceed with creating your ad groups. To profit off of Microsoft Ads, you have to create relevant ad groups, and you can essentially do so by grouping keywords together by theme. The main goal is to provide the user with the best landing page experience, which is why your keywords need to be carefully selected and need to fit your landing page perfectly. 

As with most ad campaigns, you need to put together a good keyword list, and here is where having Google Ads becomes extremely useful. Although Microsoft Advertising also offers a keyword planner, it might take you some time to get used to its features, which is why we recommend using Google’s free Keyword Planner feature. 

After setting the base of your ad groups, you can create ads by adding title, description, and extensions that will set your ad apart from the rest. As with many other marketing platforms, you will also have to select your daily budget and bids. 

What Are The Benefits?

It might come as a surprise to many that Microsoft Advertising is an extremely well-thought marketing platform that has some great potential behind it. Although it is not connected with the most popular search engine Google, Bing is still in the top, being an integral part of Windows 10, Cortana, Office, and AOL; and also the search networks Microsoft uses have more than 200 million Windows 10 users, from which 45.4 million searchers are searches that Google cannot access to. 

But a significant advantage would be that in Microsoft Ads, you can have complete control of the demographics, which allows your ads to target the specific niche of customers that your business might have. The marketing service also increases your bids when the ad is seen by somebody from your intended audience, which increases the chances of a successful conversion.

Speaking of demographics, studies show that the search engines used by Microsoft Advertising appeal to a more mature and affluent audience, and 54% of that audience have an annual average income of 75 thousand dollars or more. 

Microsoft advertisements also have a better ROI (return of investment), requesting lower costs, and in turn, smaller budgets than Google Ads. This allows you to start with small bids on keywords, and with Microsoft Ads’ special feature, your bids will increase when a conversion is more likely. These would be just a few of the advantages of advertising using this service, but you can discover more once you start using it yourself. 

Where Can You Start?

Looking at the big picture, Microsoft Ads looks like an attractive offer, but like every marketing campaign, it requires a lot of work, dedication, and attention. Generally, the more time you spend on your ad groups, the better your campaign will perform, so to have a profitable campaign, you must create, customize, and manage a lot of ad groups. But this can end up being very time-consuming. 

Because we know just how profitable Microsoft Advertising can be, we optimized our services to include this platform as well. With Adspert, you can get comprehensively adjusted campaigns on any platform, including Microsoft Ads. Not only can Adspert analyze and display all relevant information for your business, but it can also automate your account management, giving you more time to work on other activities. So reach out and make sure you get the most of your Microsoft Advertising campaigns from the very beginning.