Amazon Advertising: New Product Targeting to Increase Revenue

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Ad placements in relevant environments will be possible following expansion in November

20th February 2019
By Marcel Pirlich

Berlin. The product targeting features introduced by Amazon back in November 2018 now provide advertisers with more comprehensive advertising opportunities. Campaign focus is no longer limited to keywords alone (a conventional approach), and can now be set to focus on products. Product targeting makes it easier to reach buyers, search product listings, and filter search results for specific similar products. Many experts currently estimate that well over half of the product searches will soon start on Amazon, and this is backed by a recent study conducted by the market research company Survata.

Through these changes, Amazon now offers advertisers a unique opportunity to place their own ads for similar or complementary products in the relevant environments. For example, if coffee filters are being sold then advertising can be extended to coffee machines and other related products. Targeting can also be expanded to include specific competitor brand products and pre-defined evaluation criteria.

This new functionality, which was launched with a rather surprising communication by the American retail platform, has been available since the end of last year. In our opinion, these new features represent additional opportunities to boost sales: With these new targeting options, it is possible for advertisers to significantly increase their reach on Amazon. Moreover, Amazon offers accurate and transparent reporting. Surprisingly, many companies have very little knowledge of Amazon’s expanded advertising opportunities.

With expanded possibilities comes increased complexity, especially for advertisers. The multifaceted data Amazon provides to its advertisers can hardly be categorized fast enough, unless machine support is involved. In many cases, quick budgetary decisions need to be made on the fly, oftentimes at the same time as data is being categorized, in order to achieve the planned objectives. Following the implementation of the new functionalities in the Amazon Advertising API, Adspert is currently the only automated system that supports this new control feature for all major types of Amazon advertising campaigns.

Amazon Advertising’s new product targeting features provide more opportunities for advertisers of all sizes, from companies with large product portfolios that need to make quick decisions based on large amounts of data, to niche retailers needing to make the right choices based on the little data they have available to them. For example, smaller niche retailers could experience conversion increases upward of 300 percent. Adspert, which evolved from an automated trading solution, supports the management of all of these campaign types through AI and machine learning, thus ensuring maximum profitability and the most efficient budget allocation.

We offer advertisers wanting to experiment with these new opportunities an audit that reviews any existing setups. This offer also includes a forecast of all additional management possibilities that Adspert can provide.

Apart from KliNGEL Group, the nearly 300 clients who have already successfully implemented Adspert include the automotive supplier Hella, BlaBlaCar, and AirBnB. The total annual advertising budget that Adspert currently manages amounts to well over 100 million Euros.

Marcel Pirlich, 45, is the CEO of Bidmanagement GmbH, Berlin. On top of that, he is actively involved as an AI expert in the German Association of Digital Economy (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft or BVDW) Programmatic Focus Group.