It is our mission to get maximum performance out of every SEA budget, regardless of the amount. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, we rely on years of experience developing fully automated stock trading systems.


One small click for you, one giant leap for your budget. Marcel Pirlich (CEO)

The success of search engine advertising depends very much on the cost per click that a company is willing to pay. However, the more extensive an SEA campaign becomes, the greater the investment in time and effort needed for optimising the relevant bids. At the same time, the expectations of efficient management increase: Significant increases in performance and maximising revenues continue to become ever more important.

Adspert was founded by Marcel Pirlich, Stephanie Richter and Harald Bartel in late 2010. The introduction of their innovative Adspert technology came just one year later. Things have moved quickly since then: Today, around 22 Adspert employees are hard at work in the heart of Berlin, passionately implementing the vision of developing the bid management of the future.

From the beginning, we at Adspert have concentrated on making campaign optimisation as easy and convenient as possible by utilising fully automated software. That way we can combine great convenience and high performance in one product. We boast more than 20 years of experience in the financial sector: By applying pinpoint accurate forecasting using our statistical trading systems (that we have developed) to the market of online advertising are we able to get maximum performance out of any budget.

This impresses our customers: Well known companies and prestigious digital agencies use Adspert as a bid management tool.