It is our mission to get maximum performance out of every SEA budget, regardless of the amount. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, we rely on years of experience developing fully automated stock trading systems.



Marcel Pirlich

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Adspert aims to do for advertising what Google has done for search engines: Combine maximum performance and easy handling.

As CEO at Adspert, Marcel is responsible for strategic business development and product marketing. An ardent kite surfer, he has been working in the online and mobile sector for over ten years. Early on, Marcel got involved in automated trading systems in stock trading, which is how he later got the idea to start Adspert. Before establishing Adspert together with Stephanie and Harald in 2010, he had implemented numerous projects for innovation and business development as the managing director at ZED, and in positions at Arvato mobile, the cellular operator E-Plus and at BörsenMan.


Stephanie Richter

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

With Adspert, I want to reach the level where it is possible for anyone to draw attention to their product through ads that they can afford.

As COO, Stephanie is in charge of the operational side of Adspert’s business and is responsible for the organisation of the company. Passionately interested in film, she studied business education in Berlin, focusing on auditing and entrepreneurship. Stephanie had been an executive partner at Prozentor GmbH since 1999 ( a company providing automated statistical forecast systems focusing on the financial sector) before she founded Adspert.


Harald Bartel

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

At Adspert, we employ state-of-the-art statistical methods which utilise large amounts of data creating a great advantage for our customers.

As CTO, Harald is responsible for technical management and developed the intelligent and top secret Adspert Algorithms. He holds a degree in mathematics and physics and enjoys playing strategy games. At Prozentor GmbH, he had developed scientific forecasting and analysis tools. In addition, he had been a mathematics lecturer at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and as a programmer was involved in developing a leading mathematics software.

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