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Our algorithms optimize your advertisement accounts on auction-based advertising platforms like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Yandex based on machine learning. Like many of our customers, we are so convinced of our solution that we offer you a free trial.

For retailers and manufacturers:

We optimize your online marketing on Google, Amazon & Co

“Especially in times of crisis (Brexit, Corona etc.) it’s important to keep our advertising campaigns up and running. Normally we have an uplift when the market decreases.” 

Elrico Tschann, CEO Insolution Ltd. Co

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The first days

Agenturen arbeiten mit Adspert

We start your trial with a kick-off meeting. Our sales and customer service departments will contact you and we will discuss your requirements for the test in a kick-off meeting and determine the time frame and goals that we then set for our AI. First of all, it is advisable to optimize individual campaigns and to test them against comparable campaigns you have run so far.

Then the test starts and our AI takes over the control and optimization of your campaigns, of course strictly within the agreed framework and geared to the given goals. While still in the kick-off, we arrange a first review call to identify and directly solve any start-up problems.


The first weeks with Adspert

Our algorithms analyze the history of the campaigns and constantly make changes to your campaigns, keywords and bids. The AI learns from each change, recognizes patterns and draws conclusions for the next changes. Of course you can contact your Customer Service Manager at any time during the trial.

Halfway through the agreed testing period you will receive a mid-term report from us with the first results. In a second review call we discuss the status, clarify open questions and, if necessary, adjust the goals for optimization.

From trial to successful daily use

At the end of the test period we will review the situation together and plan the next steps. If you are satisfied, we will then go into regular operation. Thanks to machine learning, Adspert learns more and more about the behaviour of your customers and competitors over time and achieves your goals more and more effectively. Adspert takes self-calculated seasonal changes into account and adjusts your bids at specific times, days or seasons. The more data the AI has at its disposal, the better it becomes. At the same time, with Adspert you also get a much better reporting and forecasting system over time than most platforms offer.

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Adspert harnesses artificial intelligence to rapidly adapt to changing contexts, such as different markets, products, languages, currencies, or time zones.


Adspert automates all processes related to keyword maintenance, campaign optimization, and bid changes. This means that resources can be used more efficiently and any freed-up resources can be better allocated toward core competencies.


Adspert is fully transparent in all decision-making processes. The algorithm initiates and delivers an in-depth insight into all fundamentals and results.


Provided by a highly qualified account management team, themselves backed by years of experience managing thousands of accounts.