Adspert is the solution for performance-oriented advertising.

Adspert’s algorithms originate in the stock exchange, where automatic trading systems have been a long-established standard. Complexity, speed, and performance in processing big data have been the model of Adspert’s daily business for over 20 years.



Shopping, Showcase Ads, Local Ads Search, DSA, Display, Gmail

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Adspert’s proprietary mathematical statistics software expertly automates and optimizes online advertising campaigns for e-commerce platforms. With Adspert, you will be able to achieve your business goals, such as turnover growth, ROI, cost management, and profit maximization on platforms like Amazon and Google.

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Shopping, Showcase Ads, Local Ads Search, DSA, Display, Gmail
Search, Shopping, DSA, Linkedin

Yandex Direct

Adspert automatically maintains and optimizes online advertising campaigns on Google, Bing, and Yandex using our proprietary mathematical statistics software. The Adspert algorithm automatically optimizes and adjust bids for your keywords, products, and placements several times a day.

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Adspert harnesses artificial intelligence to rapidly adapt to changing contexts, such as different markets, products, languages, currencies, or time zones.


Adspert automates all processes related to keyword maintenance, campaign optimization, and bid changes. This means that resources can be used more efficiently and any freed-up resources can be better allocated toward core competencies.


Adspert is fully transparent in all decision-making processes. The algorithm initiates and delivers an in-depth insight into all fundamentals and results.


Provided by a highly qualified account management team, themselves backed by years of experience managing thousands of accounts.



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Airbnb relies on Adspert’s multi-signaled bidding technology and expertise for our global Bing program and regional Yandex program. Partnering with Adspert has allowed us to hit our target efficiencies and scale these key marketing channels with limited internal overhead.

Machiel Schepers Growth Marketing Manager quota
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You don’t have to be a specialist to be able to operate the bid management tool Adspert. The simple and intuitive operation improves our quality of life at work, and the results are terrific.

Jonas Spathelf Online Marketing Manager quota
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We strongly recommend the Bid Management Tool Adspert to anyone using Google Ads. Not only because of the intuitive user interface, but also because of the automated performance increase and the competent contact persons.

Günter Hilger Online Marketing Manager quota
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Adspert helps us maximizing the potential of Google Ads advertising to efficiently generate high-value customers. Thanks a million, Adspert.

SEM Team quota
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Within two minutes Adspert is ready to start. The results are terrific and require a minimum of effort. Thumbs up for the Berlin-based company.

Jan Klemm Online Marketing Manager quota
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With Adspert we exceeded our KPIs. No other tool could outdo Adspert. We have finally found the right partner to achieve our goals. It’s a brilliant product.

Bastian Siebers Spokesman of the Management quota
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Since our accounts are connected to Adspert we have been seeing a clear improvement of our values. At the beginning it was difficult because we’re an agency for tourism and hotels. In this field it’s difficult to define conversion values, but together with Adspert we defined great settings for our clients. The support is very fast! Additionally it’s very nice that you don’t have to untie inactive or paused campaigns, but you can simply leave them in the system and there will be no costs. When using other systems you need to pay per connected account – for Adspert you pay for revenue, which is very fair. The support is great regarding questions and problems. We have been working for Adspert since the beginning and will keep on working the them.

Martin Trenkwalder Managing Director quota
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Performance increase made easy: Adspert as a reliable partner makes us get the most out of hidden potentials and always reaches our ROI goals.

Jannik Schöne Performance Marketing Manager quota
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Adspert is combining a clever algorithm with a user-friendly interface. Additionally Adspert gets the maximum out of the campaigns.

Renè Linder Director Digital & Co-Founder quota
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We have been working with Adspert for a very long time and let them optimize our magazines and magazine shops. We have tested multiple providers and with Adspert we got closer to our goals every day.

Danijel Kiklic Geschäftsinhaber quota
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We feel that we are in good hands at Adspert. The tool is very intuitive to use and the support is on the spot whenever we need help. The continuous development of the tool is particularly great. There is no standstill at Adspert!

Julian Märtin Senior Online Marketing Manager quota
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Adspert delivers effective CPC bidding, while we can focus on our strategy, optimize ads and maintain keywords.

Christoph Seichter Online Marketing Manager quota
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For years we have been successfully working together with Adspert. The tool enables us to work efficient and increases the profitability of our clients. The control is very intuitive and the competent support is always there to help.

Stephan Sigloch CEO quota

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