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Frequently asked questions

How do I start?
All you have to do to start your free trial is to create an account and grant Adspert access to the advertising accounts you want to optimize. There’s no need for any credit cards or other forms of payment!
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How does the optimization work?

Adspert sets bids for various dimensions such as time, gender, age, device, interest, and location and then calculates over 1,000,000 different bids for various combinations of such. Adspert leverages machine-learning-based algorithms, meaning that it’s constantly learning and constantly optimizing bids. This means that there’s no need for you to constantly review performance and reports, giving you the opportunity to spend more time focusing on what really matters to your business. You’ll spend less time managing your account and achieve better results once optimization begins.

We already use Amazon Seller Central. Why would we need Adspert?
Amazon Seller Central optimizes for conversions, but Amazon’s main priority here is to gain a conversion – regardless of whether it’s an unprofitable one or comes at a cost higher than the conversion value. Adspert, on the other hand, optimizes for maximum profits. In fact, you’re even given the option to set your profit margins via the Adspert dashboard, which helps Adspert find that sweet spot where conversions bring in the highest revenue at the lowest possible cost and thus maximizing profitability. What’s more, Adspert is independent of any advertising platform. We work in our clients’ best interests and part of that involves giving you full control over your advertising – something which Amazon Seller Central doesn’t offer.
How does Adspert determine CPC bids?
Adspert adjusts CPCs for every keyword daily in order to reach the maximal profit. Adsperts’ core optimization is based on the market curve theory. Additionally, Adspert takes bid adjustments into consideration.

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