About Adspert

Our core principle is to automate maximization of profit with the help of artificial intelligence. 
The continuous development of advertising platforms paves the way for new opportunities, which we utilize for your success.  

Our primary goal is to simplify your ad campaign optimization across different platforms. This includes the use of information gathered across the various platforms balanced against the optimum budget set on a level above each platform. Our focus is to optimize your goal attainment, regardless of what platform is used. We continue to add platforms as necessary to support your online advertising activities.

True to our motto: “No magic – just rocket science”, 30+ smart minds spread over two continents are constantly striving toward the realization of your goals.

Adspert team

The team behind Adspert has over 20 years of experience developing forecasting and prediction systems for a variety of industries. Processing large quantities of data, automation, and artificial intelligence have always played a key role in the techniques we implement into our product. Since the humble beginnings of developing automated trading systems for banks, they have continuously enhanced their expertise in state-of-the-art statistical trends and technologies.

Picture of Stephanie Richter

Stephanie Richter

CEO, Founder

“With Adspert, I want to reach the level where it is possible for anyone to draw attention to their product through ads that they can afford.”

As CEO, Stephanie is in charge of the operational side of Adspert’s business and is responsible for the organisation of the company. Passionately interested in film, she studied business education in Berlin, focusing on auditing and entrepreneurship.

Stephanie had been an executive partner at Prozentor GmbH since 1999 ( a company providing automated statistical forecast systems focusing on the financial sector) before she founded Adspert.

Picture of Harald Bartel

Harald Bartel

CTO, Founder

“At Adspert, we employ state-of-the-art statistical methods which utilise large amounts of data creating a great advantage for our customers.”

As CTO, Harald is responsible for technical management and developed the intelligent and top secret Adspert Algorithms. He holds a degree in mathematics and physics and enjoys playing strategy games. At Prozentor GmbH, he had developed scientific forecasting and analysis tools. In addition, he had been a mathematics lecturer at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and as a programmer was involved in developing a leading mathematics software.

Why Adspert?

Strategic partner

Using Adspert gives you the opportunity to spend more time expanding your company. We actively take note of our customer’s requirements and continuously incorporate them into Adspert’s development.

Technological superiority

Similar to automated trading systems, Adspert benefits from the ever-increasing complexity of modern-day advertising platforms as they offer advertisers more data and new opportunities to fine-tune advertising budgets. New features are going live on a monthly basis to ensure they are always one step ahead.

Expert support

Before starting with Adspert, an expertly trained Account Management Team supports our customers in their daily work routine. Backed by the comprehensive expertise and technical support of the AI team, the Account Management Team is always on hand to provide clients with the highest level of support, whether it be a question of defining the most suitable objective, identifying growth potentials, or simply getting a second opinion.