Case Studies

Julius Oliveti - Lupo CEO


With Adspert, Lupo's eBay PLA campaigns soared. Lupo saw a remarkable +79% surge in sales and an impressive +268% boost in conversions within just 2 months.

ARCTIC-Adspert case study


ARCTIC achieved a 313% boost in conversions on and a 135% conversion increase on while saving remarkable 2736 hours.

canis lupus and Adspert - case study

canis lupus

We managed not only to effectively reduce click prices, but also to achieve optimized conversions and sustainably increase our sales.

polar and Adspert case study

Polar Watch

Adspert is a customer-oriented company that offers their clients an innovative solution that is constantly being developed and improved.

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Klingel and Adspert case study


We are pleased with the regular communication and this constant exchange of information has led to a more conscious campaign structure ...

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Birken Apotheke and Adspert - case study

Birken Apotheke

Our Amazon workload has been drastically reduced ever since we started working with Adspert. One weekly campaign check is all that's needed ...

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Algorithm-driven bidding responds to changing queries and peaks in real-time, 24 hours a day.

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Doit Online Media

With the help of Adspert’s AI, it is easier to scale the number of campaigns and clients.

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Adspert has definitely bought us a tremendous amount of time throughout our daily work. Additionally, we were able to ...

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Baby Sweets and Adspert case study

Baby Sweets

Since working with Adspert, we have seen a continuous improvement of our ACoS target-settings. Furthermore, our sales figures have increased and ...

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Blue Compass and Adspert - case study

Blue Compass

Adspert was able to achieve an impressive 36% increase in conversions per day and increase overall ROI ...

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Adspert has not only reduced our workload, but has also identified a new business sector for us – resulting in clear added value for our company. We are able to generate much better ...

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Vitabay and Adspert case study


Working with Adspert has had a significant positive impact on our Amazon Ads campaigns: reduction in CPCs and better ACoS.

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Binu and Adspert case study


Adspert increased our ROI by over 100%! Additionally, the number of conversions (in this case, sales of soaps) increased over 300%, and ...

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