Feedback from Hella

“Our cooperation with Adspert has changed the way we manage our time in several ways. Now, we can better and more efficiently allocate our expenditure, which allows us additional opportunities to refine our work processes. Adspert has not only reduced our workload, but has also identified a new business sector for us – resulting in clear added value for our company.

Using the same resources, we are able to generate much better results and are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with Adspert and working with their new innovations, as well as their wide range of services. We are well aware that such terms require work from all sides, including from Hella and Amazon.

On a scale of one to ten, we rate Adspert as a strong eight. We are satisfied with the results and are convinced that our future cooperation will result in an even better outcome. Adspert in three words? Innovative, effective and unique.


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In an effort to expand their sales channels, Hella began selling their products online through Amazon. Like many other companies starting out on Amazon, Hella first had to consider the following:

  • What advertising possibilities does the platform offer, and what is the most effective way to use them?
  • How can we determine the right advertising techniques without using up too much of our budget
  • What do we need to develop an appropriate in-house solution?

Success with Adspert

Hella’s Director of Consumer Business, Sebastian Dubbert, discovered Adspert through a referral from one of his business partners.

Adspert’s fully-automated solution supported Hella by setting up thousands of bid adjustments and providing hundreds of keyword suggestions.

This presented Hella with the opportunity to invest time saved into their core business processes. The cooperation between Hella and Adspert quickly produced positive results.

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Founded in 1899, Hella GmbH & Co. KG is one of the world’s top 40 automobile suppliers and is among the largest 100 German industrial enterprises. In the 2017/2018 fiscal year, Hella generated over 7.1 billion Euros in revenue.

Hella employs a team of over 40,000 employees across the globe, including 7,000 research and development staff, who work together on the sale of innovative products such as Original Equipment Manufacturer, Automotive Aftermarket, and specialty products.

Hella creates new products on an almost daily basis and orients them toward the biggest automotive industry trends, the environment, safety, autonomous driving, and comfort. Hella’s product portfolio is made up of over 40,000 products, including lighting systems and electrical components for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, along with products for the independent parts sector.

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