Feedback from Blue Compass

Adspert was able to achieve an impressive 36% increase in conversions per day in March – May 2018 when compared to the previous year. Cost Per Conversion was reduced by 60% while proving a significant increase in the number of conversions per day.

Adspert was even able to increase Blue Compass’ overall ROI by over 100%! Furthermore, working with Adspert allowed the Blue Compass team to focus on their SEM campaigns, write compelling copy, and optimize landing pages and User Experiences instead of spending hundreds of hours each year on keyword-based optimization.


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The biggest challenge faced by the team at Blue Compass was increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of their Google Ads campaigns. Their main goals were to increase daily conversions while decreasing the associated Cost Per Conversion. 

Blue Compass was also looking for a tool that could save them man hours as it was clear to them that their goals could not be reached without some form of automation.

Furthermore, following detailed analysis, they wanted to increase year-round conversions against the trend on their primary account, which frequently struggled with seasonalities.

Success with Adspert

Adspert and Blue Compass started working together in March 2018, integrating Adspert into the management of several Blue Compass accounts. Adspert’s objective was to optimize every single keyword so Blue Compass could better control their accounts and campaigns more efficiently. 

Additionally, Adspert’s top-notch support helped Blue Compass with the integration of the tool into Blue Compass’ daily processes.

As a benchmark, in the results presented above we compared March – May 2017 (manual optimization) with the same months in 2018 (optimized by Adspert).

Blue Compass

Based in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, Blue Compass is a digital marketing agency employing over 30 employees. Blue Compass has clients in nearly every industry, ranging from small family businesses to Fortune 500 companies. With their industry-leading digital experience, Blue Compass helps brands improve their online presence through web-design, web development, and marketing.

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