Feedback from KLiNGEL

“Since beginning cooperation with Adspert, we have found a permanent contact person in Florian Becker, senior account manager of Adspert’s Berlin team. We are pleased with the regular communication and this constant exchange of information has led to a more conscious campaign structure consideration and adaptation.

After our campaign performance started to stabilize following the implementation of Adspert, we were able to post a measurable improvement in their effectiveness. On a satisfaction scale of 1 to 10, we rate Adspert a solid 8 and are confident in achieving our goals together. Adspert in three words: dynamic, innovative, progressive!


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Klingel increased conversions per day


In addition to catalogs and conventional online retail channels, the KLiNGEL Group also distributed their wide range of products through Amazon. 

Working with Amazon Ads meant that KLiNGEL’s extensive product line required a significant number of product listings and related ad campaigns, all of which needed to be managed. With around 650 different campaigns all requiring different keywords and bids, manually adjusting and managing keyword bids, along with adding and excluding keywords proved challenging and brought up the following concerns:

  • What is the best way to handle the huge number of products and their associated advertising campaigns?
  • Is there a reliable way to automate keyword bidding and keyword addition and exclusion?

Success with Adspert

Adspert was recommended to KLiNGEL by K-Mail Order GmBH & Co.KG, a company funded by the venture capital firm K-Invest, itself backed by KLiNGEL. 

KLiNGEL’s Amazon Ads campaigns have been supported by Adspert since June 2018. During this time, Adspert proved it possible to automatically adjust thousands of bids while adding and excluding an enormous amount of keywords – saving the team hundreds of man hours.

A comparison of KLiNGEL’s performance on Amazon before Adspert’s optimization, from April 15, 2018, through to June 17, 2018, with performance after optimization, June 18 through to December 31, 2018 produced excellent results.

This positive trend continues throughout 2019, and, as of April 2019, KLiNGEL has experienced a 97% conversion increase thanks to Adspert’s optimization. 

Additionally, Adspert continues to constantly meet targets in near-perfect alignment with KLiNGEL’s own Advertising Cost of Sales goals. This is due in no small part to Adspert’s high number of bid changes, which so far have amounted to over 16.5 million fully-automated adjustments since the beginning of the cooperation.



Established in 1923, the KLiNGEL Group has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a family-run clothing business. Today, KLiNGEL is a medium-sized company with over 2,500 employees and is considered one of the largest long-distance retailers in the multichannel sector. Fashion has always been the Group’s core business and is complemented by a product portfolio filled with jewelry, shoes, and lifestyle items. KLiNGEL’s logistics center is one of the most modern in all of Europe, shipping thousands of parcels daily.

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