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Successful Cases

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-25% Cost/Conversion

canis lupus decreased their Cost per Conversion by -25%

+74% Conversions

Klingel increased conversions of their advertising campaigns by astonishing 74%

+1982 Conversions

Polar Watch gained additional 1982 conversions on with Adspert PPC software

eBay Promoted Listings Advanced

Automatically Optimize eBay Promoted Listings with Priority Campaign Strategy

Are you looking to grow your eBay business through eBay advertising without spending too much of your precious time? Then promote listings on eBay with Adspert’s help!

Our powerful AI-driven tool optimizes your eBay Promoted Listings with priority campaign strategy by:

  • Analyzing keyword performance
  • Harvesting new promising keywords
  • Modeling the market

The advanced AI automatically sets the ideal CPC bids based on each keyword’s performance, your strategy, your budget, and market conditions. Improve the efficiency and results of your eBay PPC campaigns with Adspert.

Benefits of optimizing eBay Promoted Listings with priority campaign strategy

Boost Campaigns Through Artificial Intelligence

Our smart AI analyzes thousands of data points 24/7. It identifies good and poor performing keywords and automatically adjusts their bids with a max CPC (Cost per Click) to maximize your profit.

Adspert manages keywords suggested by eBay as well as manually added keywords can be managed by Adspert.

Goal-Based Bidding Strategies

You define the goals and their values towards which Adspert should optimize your PPC campaigns. Whatever your strategy – increase reach, more sales, budget optimization, profit maximization or similar.

Adspert offers you various optimization goals, such as Cost per Day, Cost per Conversion, ROI and many more.

Efficient Use of PPC Budget

From easy-to-use dashboard, you can see your campaign results. Get an idea of your performance at a single glance, sliced and diced to your preferences. This helps you make informed, data-driven decisions about your eBay advertising campaigns and strategies. On top of that, helpful notifications ensure that you make those decisions in time.
For example, if a campaign would benefit from a budget change, because the ad budget was not fully spent or was used up too early before the day end.

Improve Your Keyword Management

Adspert farms new promising keywords from your eBay Promoted Listings with priority campaign strategy and provides you with keyword suggestions.

You don’t have the time to review your keyword suggestions? No problem! Adspert can automatically add them to your eBay PPC campaigns and saves your precious time.

No Black Box

We document EVERYTHING that Adspert does to optimize your eBay advertising campaigns in a change log. You always have full transparency on what happens with your eBay Advertising account.

PPC optimization AI

How Adspert’s Algorithmic Bidding for eBay PPC Works?

1. Analyzing data

Adspert analyzes thousands of data points and your current eBay Promoted Listings with priority campaign strategy performance.

2. Modelling the market

Adspert’s AI-based algorithm models the market and runs different scenarios to determine the optimal bids for you.

3. Maximizing the profit

Like a snowball effect, Adspert’s machine learning algorithm improves continuously over time to boost your PPC performance.

Frequently asked questions

What is eBay Promoted Listings with priority campaign strategy?

eBay Promoted Listings with priority campaign strategy is an eBay Ads campaign type. eBay sellers can use ads with priority strategy to participate in advertising auctions and bid for their listings to be displayed at the top of eBay’s search results. eBay determines which listing is shown on the top using factors like keyword relevance, your bid amount and other sellers’ bids.

Learn more about eBay Promoted Listings in our ultimate guide.

eBay Advertising offers two campaign types. Both are useful and increase the visibility of your products on eBay. The differences are: 

eBay Promoted Listings with a general campaign strategy

  • Pay per sale – you pay a fixed price per sale
  • Targeting – none
  • Ad Placement – Across eBay (e.g. search, listings pages)
  • Highest coverage

eBay Promoted Listings with a priority campaign strategy

  • Pay per click – you pay per click on your ad
  • Targeting – Keyword control
  • Ad Placement – Top slot in search
  • Highest visibility, targeting

You can combine both advertising campaign types to reach maximum coverage for your eBay marketing.

Adspert currently does not support PPC optimization for Promoted Listings with a general campaign strategy (former Promoted Listings Standard) ads because this campaign type is not based on bid placement.

Adspert currently does not support PPC optimization for eBay Ads type Promoted Listings with a general campaign strategy because those campaigns are not based on setting bids.

But we do support the optimization of Promoted Listings with a priority campaign strategy.

You are only eligible for Promoted Listings with priority campaign strategy ads if you are an ‘Above Standard‘ or ‘Top Ratedseller with recent sales history on eBay.


Currently, Promoted Listings with priority campaign strategy is available for the US, UK, German, Austrian, and Italian markets.

eBay Ads have some restrictions when it comes to eBay marketing and advertising.

Generally, all fixed price listings are eligible for advertising via Promoted Listings with priority campaign strategy ads, except for the following categories:

  • Wholesale & Job Lots

  • Cars

  • Motorcycles & Vehicles

  • Events Tickets

  • Property

  • E-Cigarettes

  • Vapes & Accs

  • Everything else

  1. Open the eBay Seller Hub.
  2. Click the “Advertising” tab.
  3. Then click “Create new campaign”.
  4. Choose the “Promoted Listings” and then “Priority” campaign strategy  option.
  5. Set your campaign details.

Check our Step-by-step guide on how to create Promoted Listings Advanced campaign on eBay for more information.

Adspert sets CPC bids on keywords for campaigns that you have enabled for PPC optimization. The ideal bid depends on:

  • Each keyword’s performance
  • Your strategy
  • Your budget
  • Market conditions

We strongly recommend you that when you start optimizing your Promoted Listings with priority campaign strategy ads campaigns with Adspert, set a Cost per Day goal for the first 30 days.

In order to define the right goal, choose the value that corresponds to your daily  expenditure over the last 30 days. In this first period, Adspert will learn and collect data.

This will allow Adspert to find the optimal bids and the right CRR (cost-revenue ratio). After 30 days, you can change the  target, e.g. to CRR.

The source for adding new keywords on eBay is the search query report.

Adspert adds/suggests keywords based on different addition reasons:

  • High click value
  • High CTR
  • Cheap click
  • High volume

Read more on how Adspert adds new keywords to eBay Advertising campaigns.