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Successful Cases

-33% ACoS

Birken Apotheke decreased their ACoS by -33%

+74% Conversions

Klingel increased conversions of their Amazon Ads campaigns by +74%

+1982 Conversions

Polar Watch gained additional 1982 conversions on Amazon with Adspert's Amazon PPC software

Amazon PPC optimization for Seller and Vendor Accounts

Sponsored Product

Auto and Manual Campaigns for Keyword and Product Targeting.

Sponsored Brands (+Video)

For Keyword and Product Targeting.

Sponsored Display (+Video)

For Product and Audience Targeting.

Supports all official Amazon Ads marketplaces

Save Time with Multi-Marketplace Bidding

Simultaneously advertise your products across multiple Amazon Ads marketplaces

Optimize on multiple marketplaces

Optimize your PPC campaigns on different marketplaces at the same time

Adspert identifies marketplaces where your PPC campaigns make the most impact.

Cut back on manual work and save a ton of time with automation alone – our advanced AI runs non-stop, 24/7.

Set a common performance goal and our advanced AI does the rest.

Get easy-to-read performance insights.

Quickly identify your money-making products and marketplaces.

What benefits will I get for my Amazon PPC advertising?

Automate bidding based on your goals

Adspert’s advanced algorithm originates in the stock exchange, where automatic trading systems have been a long-established standard. Whatever your goal and strategies – ACoS, budget, cost/conversion, ROI or profit maximization of your products – our smart and proven Amazon PPC AI automatically sets the optimal bids for you. Benefit from 20+ years of bid management experience.

Improve your keyword management

Adspert farms relevant keywords from your automatic campaigns in Amazon and provides you with keyword suggestions for your manual campaigns. Don’t want to spend your precious time reviewing all suggestions? No problem! You can let Adspert automatically handle keyword Amazon Ads management and instantly add those keywords to your Amazon PPC campaigns to save you time.

Run scenarios to set the right campaign goals

Wondering what will happen to your Amazon Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands' campaign performances and sales if you change the optimization goal? Become a fortune teller by running scenarios! See how a goal change will affect your Amazon PPC campaign performance. This will help you to make better and more informed decisions.

Maximize your profit – not just your sales

Adspert’s algorithms are made to maximize your profit, not just your sales.

You simply define your costs of goods sold (COGS). And Adspert, THE Amazon advertising software will optimize your keyword bidding based on your margin.

Make informed decisions with advanced analytics

Monitor your Amazon PPC campaign performance in Adspert and gain valuable insights, like through which keyword or PAT a product was sold.

You can access and use the Adspert data for internal use with the Adspert API.

Put your Amazon Ads budget where it matters

Adspert will inform you if your Amazon Ads campaigns would benefit from a budget change. For example, if the budget is too high and not fully spent or too low and used up too early in the day.

No Black Box

We document EVERYTHING that Adspert does to optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns in a changelog. You always have full transparency on what happens with your Amazon Ads Account.

PPC optimization AI

How Does Adspert Optimize Amazon PPC?

1. Data analysis

Adspert analyzes thousands of data points and your current Amazon PPC campaign performance.

2. Market modeling

Adspert’s AI-based algorithm models the market and runs different scenarios to determine the optimal bids for you.

3. Profit maximization

Like the snowball effect, Adspert’s machine learning Amazon PPC AI gets better and better over time to continuously improve your performance.

Maximize Your Amazon Sales
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Amazon Ads Software for Everyone

For Small-Medium Businesses

Maximize your profit and reduce the time spent on manual Amazon PPC campaign optimization and Amazon Ads management. Outperform your competitors and grow your business with Adspert’s AI-based algorithm.

For Agencies

Give your clients better PPC optimization options and drastically reduce your time spent on campaign performance with Adspert’s premium Amazon PPC software.

For Brands

Whether you sell products yourself or are an Amazon Vendor, with Adspert you will get more control over your Amazon Ads. A dedicated Adspert Success Manager will help you set up your Adspert account and regularly reviews it to ensure you always get the most out of your budget.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to let Adspert optimize all my campaigns?

You don’t have to let Adspert optimize all your Amazon PPC campaigns. You can decide which campaigns should be optimized. 

You can add campaigns to the optimization at any time easily in your Adspert account. 

We currently support the following Amazon Ads marketplaces:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • UAE
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • India
  • Sweden
  • Singapore
  • Poland
  • Turkey
  • Egypt
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Belgium

Adspert supports all major campaign types with all important variations.

Sponsored Products

    • Auto-Campaign
    • Manual campaigns with a focus on keywords
    • Manual campaigns focused on products (PAT)


Sponsored Products is a cost-per-click advertising solution that enables you to promote the products you sell with ads that may appear in highly visible placements on Amazon.

Sponsored Brands

  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Brands Video

Sponsored Brands campaigns help customers discover and engage with your brand and generate awareness with ads that link directly to a landing page or a Store.

Sponsored Display

  • Audience
  • Product

Sponsored Display enables you to reach relevant audiences browsing both on and off Amazon. Choose which audiences you want to see your Sponsored Display ads, or which products or categories you want to target on Amazon. During campaign creation, you have the option to target your ads by selecting Audiences or Product targeting.

You can try the Amazon PPC Software Adspert for free. Simply register here and connect an Amazon Ads account that you would like to optimize with Adspert. After the registration, you can connect additional advertising accounts and also optimize them free of charge during the trial period. Adspert is a Plug & Play solution and is ready to go in 2 minutes.

No credit cards or other payment methods need to be provided for the trial period!

If you are happy with the performance and want to continue the Amazon PPC optimization after the trial period, simply enter your payment details in Adspert. Otherwise, the optimization of your campaigns will end automatically when your free trial period ends. 

Sign up for a free trial today.

Yes, if you enable the setting add new keywords automatically. If you have manual and automatic campaigns, we will try to link them.

Please be aware of the following conditions that need to be met for campaigns to be linked:
  • Adspert must optimize both the automatic and the manual campaigns.
  • Both campaigns must be active.
  • The automatic campaign can’t have any ad groups with over 10,000 product ads.
  • Both campaigns have to have identical or nearly identical product sets.
  • The campaigns must be linked one-to-one

Besides that you need to consider the following:
  • Adspert won’t link an automatic campaign to several manual campaigns (excluding product-targeted campaigns).
  • Adspert won’t link a single manual campaign to several automatic campaigns having the same product set.
  • Adspert won’t link multiple automatic campaigns to multiple manual campaigns having the same product set.
  • Manual campaigns having only product-targeted ad groups will not be considered for linking as it’s impossible to add keywords to a product-targeted ad group. All the above conditions also apply to manual campaigns having both keyword-targeted and mixed ad groups.

If there is no link possible between an automatic campaign and a manual campaign, we will create a manual campaign if you have the setting on “add new keywords automatically.

Sponsored Display ads are supported by Adspert but this also depends on your chosen targeting method.

Yes, Adspert does support Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Accounts.

At the moment Adspert supports only Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns within KDP. Brand campaigns within a KDP Account are not supported and will not be shown. At the time being it is not possible to retrieve reports for Sponsored Brands campaigns via the Amazon Ads API for Kindle Direct Publishing.

In Amazon advertising, Adspert finds new keywords using two methods, syncing and refinement.

Read more about how Adspert uses syncing and refinement to harvest new relevant keywords for Amazon PPC.

Amazon has some restriction when it comes to advertising products. The following type of products are examples of products that are globally prohibited for advertising:
  • Adult products
  • Second-hand products
  • Refurbished products
  • Weapons

For a list of the permitted and prohibited categories, please refer to the official Amazon article “Sponsored ads creative acceptance policies” chapter 4 “Product acceptability“.
When Amazon Ads is showing your product as ineligible probably one of these reasons might be the cause for it:
  • Product is not winning the Buy Box
  • Products are out of stock
  • Your product categories are ineligible
  • Not in the Amazon’s Brand Registry
  • Lacking shipping capabilities

Read on to learn more about Amazon advertising eligibility.

The abbreviation ACoS means Advertising Cost of Sales and describes the ratio between expenditure and actual sales as a percentage and is used in the Amazon Advertising platform.

The smaller the target ACoS value, the more economical and profitable the advertising campaign. The higher the ACoS value, the higher the proportion of the costs are in relation to the revenue.

For example when the ACoS is 25%, the costs are a quarter of the revenue.