Feedback from Digicomp

“We had been working with Bidalgo, a former Adspert licensed reseller in Switzerland, for many years and had already been using Adspert for a long time. Ultimately, it was Bidalgo’s withdrawal that made us a direct customer of Adspert, and we have been cooperating with them directly since the beginning of 2019.

Algorithm-driven bidding responds to changing queries and peaks in real-time, 24 hours a day. Because I trust Adpert’s algorithms, I can rest assured knowing that the predetermined advertising budget will be used in the best possible way. This gives me the opportunity to fully concentrate on creating high-quality ads.

On a satisfaction scale of 1 to 10, we rate our partnership with Adspert as an 8. Through regular communication with the Adspert team, we decide on the modulation parameters adjustment and, if necessary, work together to refine them. We consider this approach, similar to the four-eyes principle, as very important. Three words we immediately associate with Adspert: big data, trust, ROI.“


Bids Adjustments
Man-hours saved


Digicomp offers approximately 800 parallel courses in leadership & management, development, software applications, digital marketing, IT professionals, and soft skills which all require corresponding advertising groups and campaigns – taking up a huge amount of time to properly manage and optimize. 

In particular, budget control poses many challenges for companies like Digicomp. Squeezing the best possible performance out of existing budgets while reducing the workload required for ad creation is essential.

The following two points should be addressed when using a bid management tool under such circumstances:

  • Optimal budget control for the best performance results.
  • Ad creation and management workload reduction

Success with Adspert

Digicomp’s cooperation with Adspert began after they were introduced to the tool by Bidalgo, Adspert’s former reseller in Switzerland.

Digicomp’s campaigns have been optimized by Adspert’s Bid Management tool, in conjunction with Bidalgo, since 2011. Digicomp and Adspert became direct partners in early 2019.

Throughout this time, Adspert set thousands of bid changes while adding and excluding an enormous number of keywords for Digicomp – saving the Digicomp team nearly 100,000 man hours in the process.


Digicomp is the leading independent partner in the development of digital skills for business. Through their services, Digicomp creates a digital space for practical training and customized solutions for company training.

Continuing education takes place under the guidance of selected experts and trainers who train participants via Digicomp courses, including international certificates. This makes them a pioneer of continuing education and consultancy in the age of digital transformation.

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