Feedback from Doit Online Media

On a scale of one to ten, I would rate Adspert as a nine. It is a powerful tool, which can boost businesses like ours. With the help of Adspert’s AI, it is easier to scale the number of campaigns and clients we manage.

In the near future, we expect the number of clients using Google Ads to grow and we will connect them all to Adspert. Moreover, I hope to use Amazon Ads for some clients and, of course, use Adspert to optimize those campaigns too.

If I had to describe Adspert in just three words these would be: time-saving, excellent service, more conversions.


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Doit Online Media is growing rapidly and is taking on more and bigger clients. This, in turn, means that the amount of time and resources the team spends on Google Ads is growing, too.

But of course, they don’t want to lose their smaller, yet long-time, clients. Every campaign requires bidding on different ad group levels, and an ideal account features many specific ad groups for details including target audience, gender, and age. 

Managing hundreds of different ad groups makes it nearly impossible to set the ideal bid for every group since there won’t be enough resources available most of the time. Before Adspert, Doit Online Media carried out almost every step manually based solely on Google’s bid strategy. 

Success with Adspert

A few months ago, an Adspert team member reached out to Doit Online Media to offer them a trial. At first, they didn’t know what to expect but were pleasantly surprised when Adspert was able to solve most of their challenges.

Managing and optimizing hundreds or even thousands of specific ad groups for their clients suddenly became easy: Adspert helps optimize campaigns on a high level and saves a lot of time. Doit Online Media can now use the time and resources saved to better consult clients and focus on resolving strategic and creative issues.

Today, Doit Online Media uses Adspert to manage 20 different accounts and over 125 campaigns across three different countries. 

According to Doit Online Media, Adspert’s biggest advantage is that it makes setting up more extensive campaigns easier. It allows for individual bids to be automatically optimized, doing away with the need to worry about the amount of time and resources spent optimizing bids.

Doit Online Media

Doit Online Media is a Dutch agency made up of 25 enthusiastic employees. In addition to Google Ads and Facebook Ads, the company specializes in content marketing and developing high-quality websites and applications.

Currently, their online marketing and application development departments are growing rapidly and they even formed a new company, ExApps, dedicated solely to application development.

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