Feedback from Teufel

“While using Adspert, we also carried out A/B tests with other vendors, yet Adspert consistently came out on top. Since all of our marketing is handled in-house, it was very important to us to find a solution that looked after and served us directly.

Adspert has definitely bought us a tremendous amount of time throughout our daily work. Additionally, we were able to better manage the budget allocation through the introduction of performance groups. This gave us the opportunity to better serve smaller accounts in particular and monitor the cost-benefit ratio. The optimization of our shopping campaigns via Adspert also works very well and gives us additional capacities in the team.

On a satisfaction scale of 1 to 10, we rank Adspert as an 8. We are very satisfied with the campaign performance and were able to test many different models, thanks to the great selection of modules. Furthermore, the self-service system is easy to use and offers plenty of opportunities. We are already looking forward to the further expansion of Adspert’s functions.

Adspert for us in 3 short words: Performance, Time Saving, Algorithm.”


Campaigns (in 2018)
Ad Groups (in 2018)
Keywords (in 2018)
Bid-Adjustments (since 2012)


Due to the company’s expansion in recent years, the number of Google Ads Accounts the company manages has also increased. 

The same applied to existing keyword sets, a larger product portfolio, and new technical features. This made timely, manual bid management an almost-impossible task, not to mention the constantly increasing number of bid adjustments required.

In light of these challenges, the company decided to seek external support to address the following issues:

  • Management of a growing number of accounts and keyword sets
  • An automated, in-house solution to handle such challenges.

Success with Adspert

Teufel discovered Adspert through their own research on 3rd party bidding tools, and have been successfully working with Adspert since 2012.

Throughout the years, Adspert’s fully automated solution has helped Teufel:

  • Easily implement millions of bid changes
  • Manage several thousand keywords
  • Ultimately gave the company the ability to invest the time saved in other business processes.


Today, Adspert also manages Teufel’s Google Ads Accounts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. 


Founded in Berlin in 1979, Teufel is a German manufacturer of speakers, hi-fi systems, and home cinema systems. Today, Teufel ranks 8th in Germany’s most innovative medium-sized companies (Source: Wirtschafts Woche). In order to maintain founder Peter Tschimmel’s vision, over 200 specialists work on ideas toward the creation of the perfect sound.

The company has been demonstrating its online prowess since the mid-1990s and Teufel has sold their products online ever since. Since its founding, the company has been steadily developing and expanding overseas, ensuring the perfect sound not only in the B2C field but also among its B2B customers.

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