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Alexander Bell, Head of IT and Marketing at, came to the following conclusion after three months of optimizing Amazon Ad campaigns with Adspert:

“Our Amazon workload has been drastically reduced ever since we started working with Adspert. One weekly campaign check is all that’s needed to review any new suggested keywords or budget adjustments. After six productive years of working together, I can safely rely on Adspert.

Adspert’s recent incorporation of Amazon Sponsored Products bidding into the solution was like a dream come true. We are looking forward to further innovations from Adspert, especially in this area, and we rate Adspert a nine out of ten. Adspert in three words? Innovative, comprehensive, personal!”


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The challenge faced by was that their vast product range meant that efficient and successful ad bidding was almost impossible to achieve manually.

This was especially true in terms of product-based keyword and shopping campaigns, as the massive amounts of keywords and bids would have required thousands of man-hours to manage efficiently.

The particular challenge faced by meant that superficial bidding practices ultimately prevailed, resulting in a clear lack of long-term campaign success.

Working with an agency didn’t do much to alleviate the bidding effort either. Hence, a solution was required, that:

  • Manages large volumes of data efficiently.
  • Monitors and, if necessary, adjust bids several times a day.
  • Takes action based on performance.

Success with Adspert

In addition to their Google Ads accounts, Adspert has been successfully optimizing the mail-order pharmacy’s Amazon Ads since June 2019.’s ACoS target was not only met, but also exceeded within the first three months alone. Furthermore, the Adspert algorithm independently carried out tens of thousands of bid adjustments, thus ensuring the best campaign performance possible.

By automatically adjusting over 74,000 bids, Adspert has saved the team over 240 man-hours in the last three months.

Moreover, Adspert successfully delivered over 900 performance-based keyword suggestions. 

Birken Apotheke has acted as Birken Pharmacy’s online mail-order service since 2004, offering customers a range of over 70,000 pharmaceuticals.

Birken Pharmacy currently employs approximately 100 employees, 30 of whom are employed in their mail-order department. The idea of selling their products on Amazon, along with the unique advertising opportunities presented by the platform, was always an attractive prospect for

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