Binu's Success

Adspert was able to increase Binu’s ROI by over 100%! 

Additionally, the number of conversions (in this case, sales of soaps) increased over 300%, and Binu’s Cost Per Conversion decreased more than 50%. By saving both time and resources, The Binu team was able to better focus on their core business matters and leave Adspert to ensure the best performance and results from their digital advertising campaigns.


For clean benchmarking we’ve compared campaigns from the month of July 2018 (manual optimization by Binu using internal resources) to Adspert optimized campaigns in August 2018. The results are as follows: 

+ 0 %
- 0 %
+ 0 %

Status Quo

Binu team was spending a significant amount of time and resources to manually manage their campaigns – time which could be freed by using Adspert to run successful Amazon Ads campaigns. 


The main goal for Binu’s Amazon Ads campaigns was to generate more conversions and increase the ROI of their ad spend. 

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Binu is a cosmetics manufacturer specializing in creating sustainable and cruelty-free natural soaps. Their mission is to increase sustainability using only high-quality, natural ingredients. All soaps are handmade in Korea.

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