Feedback from VITABAY C.V.

“In order to address the challenges we faced, we not only increased our staff, but also sought SEM support from certified agencies. However, even working with different agencies did little to improve our results.

Working with Adspert has had a significant positive impact on our Amazon Ads campaigns. We have seen a reduction in CPCs and a better cost of sales ratio (ACoS). We are now able to meet targets for cost-intensive product campaigns and can optimize them quicker than ever. It also saves us a lot of time and allows us to monitor our ads more efficiently. On a satisfaction scale of 1-10, we would rate Adspert as a solid 8. Three words that come to mind when thinking about Adspert? Performance-driven, competent, solution-oriented!”


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Due to domain-specific terms available for dietary supplements, cosmetics, and medical devices, finding suitable keywords for scientific product names can prove quite challenging. 

Additionally, it is important to consistently maintain and verify large inventories of products, some of which are difficult to promote profitably.

Lastly, the optimization of multilingual Amazon Ads campaigns provides challenges which cannot be overlooked. Even with expensive advertising, these challenges can often reflect on stagnant sales. Setting up campaigns and constantly monitoring, optimizing, and adjusting ads takes a tremendous amount of time – the very thing every business owner values most. VITABAY C.V. was looking for a solution that would:

  • Find keywords easier
  • Simplify overseeing many different products
  • Optimize multilingual campaigns on Amazon
  • Maintain profitability of product advertising campaigns


Adspert has been optimizing Amazon Ads campaigns for VITABAY C.V. since December 2018. In this time, Adspert has achieved double-digit percentage savings in Cost Per Conversion by generating hundreds of keywords and making thousands of bid changes. 

Adspert is now actively optimizing Amazon Ads accounts for VITABAY C.V. in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

The optimization of multilingual Amazon Ads campaigns posed a challenge for VITABAY C.V. prior to the use of Adspert. 


Diversity of brands, unity of performance: This is the seal of quality of, a brand of VITABAY C.V. The core business of is the distribution of nutritional supplement products for sports, wellness, diet, and fitness. A constantly growing assortment and the permanent expansion of all online and offline processes are their answers to the growing willingness of people to shop on the internet.

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