Feedback from Baby Sweets

“Since working with Adspert, we have seen a continuous improvement of our ACoS target-settings. Furthermore, our sales figures have increased. We don’t have to spend as much time monitoring and maintaining campaigns anymore, and the time saved can be invested in developing other important parts of our company.

The well-structured and intuitive dashboard is a tremendous help when managing campaigns. We are completely satisfied with the results so far and are happy with the continuous development of the system. Based on our positive experience, we rate Adspert a ten out of ten. How would we describe Adspert in three words? Super-automation-possibility!”

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As a young e-commerce startup, Baby Sweets tried to develop efficient marketing methods to reach their desired ACOS-goals (Advertising Cost of Sale) from the start and applied them to generate results using Amazon Ads. 

Facing several challenges, the founder’s faced the following questions:

  • How do we manage time when creating the necessary advertising campaigns?
  • How do we efficiently optimize an enormous amount of products?
  • How do we reach our desired ACOS-goals?

Starting with automatic campaigns, the team began transferring keywords into manual campaigns one by one. Additionally, they used Excel sheets to help organize and launch new ads.

A lack of experience led to a high amount of man-hours to establish and optimize advertising campaigns. They quickly realized they needed a fully-automated solution.

Success with Adspert

Marcel, Adspert’s CEO, and Timo and Tom from Baby Sweets met for the very first time while attending Amazon SellerDays in October of 2018. A month later, Baby Sweets’ Amazon activities were supported by Adspert’s Amazon Ads solution.

During this time Adspert was able to increase Baby Sweets’ brand awareness, complete thousands of bid adjustments, and fully automate the addition and exclusion of over 2,000 keywords, saving the Baby Sweets’ team hundreds of man hours.

A comparison of Baby Sweets’ previous performance (29.09.2018 – 06.11.2018) to that of just over a month working with Adspert (07.11.2018 – 15.12.2018) shows extraordinary improvements:

  • +223% conversions per day
  • +11% ROI
  • 167 saved man-hours
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Baby Sweets

Founded in 2016 as a brainchild of Tino and Tom, Baby Sweets is a retail trade company specializing in baby and toddler fashion.

Through their own online shop and their Amazon storefront, Baby Sweets sells over 700 different products for their customers’ loved ones. Their Facebook following is rapidly growing, amassing over 400,000 page “Likes” – a testament to the popularity of their products.

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