How Lupo Increased eBay Paid Sales by +78,97% In 60 Days

With Adspert’s help, Lupo turned their eBay Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns into real money-makers. The outcome? A staggering +78,97% surge in paid sales increase and an impressive +268,84% increase in conversions in the first 2 months alone.

Julius Oliveti - Lupo CEO
Image source: Indie Corner: Lupo, Retail Gazette

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, Lupo, an online retail business, sells toys and gadgets. Their main objective was to achieve top search rankings on eBay and ultimately boost their sales.

Julius Oliveti, the Director, was juggling multiple tasks at once. Manual optimization of PPC campaigns on eBay consumed a lot of his time, diverting him from the core focus of managing an eCommerce business.

I saw the need to be at the top of the search results. I wanted to do this by spending as little as possible. And I could not possibly monitor and set all bids effectively by myself.

Like many small to medium businesses, Lupo does not have a dedicated digital marketing team or a PPC expert.

So: Julius had to find a better way to effectively manage their eBay Promoted Listings Advanced (PLA) campaigns without draining time and resources.

Promoted Listings Advanced Results After 6 Months

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Results With Adspert:

After implementing Adspert to optimize eBay PLA campaigns, Lupo achieved stunning results:

  • In the first 60 days, eBay paid sales skyrocketed by +78,97% (comparing 16 April – 15 June 2022 and 16 June – 15 August 2022)
  • Conversions on eBay nearly tripled, reaching a remarkable +268.84% increase (comparing 16 April – 15 June 2022 and 16 April – 15 June 2023).

And that’s not all. Julius confirms that organic sales received a substantial boost as well!

This success wasn’t a stroke of beginner’s luck.

Six months post-Adspert integration, positive trends continued (comparing months 6-12: January to July 2023 and months 1-6: June to December 2022):

  • Sales increased by 69,40%
  • Conversions saw a further boost of 77,75%

The best part? You can do the same thing for your advertising on eBay, even with a limited marketing budget!

Let’s have a closer look!

How Lupo Used Adspert to Boost Sales

1. Identifying eBay Advertising Struggles

Before Adspert, manual bidding and optimization of eBay Promoted Listings Campaigns (PLA) presented three main challenges for Lupo:

  1. Lack of effective PPC optimization
  2. Difficulty securing top positions in eBay’s search results
  3. Limited online advertising budget


So Julius was looking for a reliable tool for streamlined and automated PPC optimization, and Adspert fit the bill.

What made him choose Adspert over alternatives? The easy, user-friendly interface coupled with advanced automation features.


You set up the advertising campaign on eBay Ads platform. Adspert automatically imports it and starts optimizing it – it’s that easy.

Not sure how eBay Promoted Listings work

Follow the link and check out our ultimate guide. Learn about the differences between eBay Ads campaign types, see what is best for your eCommerce business, and how to boost your eBay sales.

2. Long-Term Sales Growth

Adspert made a significant impact from the get-go. Lupo’s eBay sales shot up within weeks, capturing higher traffic and conversions, and sales.

The best part? The “Adspert effect” is long-term! Even half a year later, Lupo’s eBay sales and conversions continued to improve for another 6 months.

The advanced AI brought in a steady increase over an extended period of time.

Half a year after embracing Adspert, Lupo saw (January to June 2023 vs June to December 2022):

  • +73,45% increase in impressions
  • +53,05% increase in clicks
  • +77,75% increase in conversions
  • +69,40% increase in sales

Adspert has increased sales, conversions mainly. There is no way I could manage this manually by myself.

Chart showing Lupo's sustained eBay PPC growth with Adspert

Translating numbers into words, Lupo achieved:

  • Secured top positions in eBay search results
  • Drove higher traffic and brought in more visitors
  • Saw a boost in CTR (click-through rates)
  • Improved ROI (return on investment) – for eBay Ads and Amazon Ads alike!


I’ll explain more about Amazon Ads and Lupo a bit later, keep reading.

3. Time and Resource Savings

AI-driven automation through Adspert significantly eased Julius’s workload. Previously, manual bid management was time-consuming.

Now, Adspert automates PPC optimization for eBay. The best part? The advanced AI works non-stop, 24/7 – something no human can do!

This immediate time and resource savings allow Julius to focus more on the primary tasks of running an online retail business.

Like with any other tool, it is good to check in every now and then and see where things stand. At this point, Julius praises the user-friendly interface that helps him keep an eye on things while the platform does its optimization magic.

Adspert is fully automated, sparing me the need to employ someone, and has increased sales.

4. Organic Sales Boost

Wait, aren’t we talking about paid eBay advertising? Yes, but our smart AI did more than just help with ad optimization.

Julius observed that the upswing in paid sales had a ripple effect on organic sales on eBay! This unexpected benefit underscores Adspert’s excellent performance for Lupo.

5. Quick Customer Support

When I asked Julius what else he really values with Adspert, his answer was clear: customer support. He appreciates how fast it is – our Solution Specialists usually answer within a few minutes, providing efficient assistance!

Additionally, he praises the relatively swift startup phase, acknowledging the valuable training received from Adspert.

“I got some great training from Adspert,” confirms Julius.

6. Eyeing New Markets

Securing top spots in eBay search results was challenging before Adspert. Now, Lupo is achieving many more top rankings.

The best part? Lupo gained confidence. Now, they are eyeing new markets more easily, knowing Adspert can help them outperform the competition.

7. One Tool, Two Platforms: eBay Ads AND Amazon Ads

At first, Lupo primarily needed an eBay PPC ad management software for their Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns. They considered another provider to help them with their Amazon PPC optimization.

However, when they found out about Adspert, they discovered that it also supports cross-platform optimization. This means campaigns across different accounts and platforms (e.g.,,, can be optimized in one place with one tool.

Image shows that Adspert makes it possible to use one PPC optimization tool for two advertising platforms - eBay Ads and Amazon Ads.

Using Adspert makes it easier and more convenient for Lupo to manage their campaigns.

They don’t need multiple tools or providers, and everything is in one place, making it simple to oversee and improve how their ads perform on different accounts and platforms.


Lupo’s collaboration with Adspert transformed their PPC campaigns from manual and inefficient to automated and successful.

By achieving top search positions on eBay and Amazon, the company experienced increased sales, improved ROI, and valuable time savings.

Adspert’s intuitive interface, coupled with exceptional customer support, positioned Lupo for continued growth and expansion into new markets.

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Back in early 2000 I had returned from 6 months traveling to work with my family Ice Cream business. Whilst working on one of the Ice Cream vans all the kids kept asking me repeatedly to get Pokemon cards in for them. Their nagging persisted so in an attempt to get them off my back more than anything I decided to buy a box of cards from eBay from the USA.

Pandora's box had been opened and from there we evolved into selling a wide ranging portfolio of products on online marketplaces.

The LUPO brand now has an ever increasing portfolio of products and since we have opened our own webstore many more people have found our 'Simple solutions for Life'.

We hope that we can offer you the best products at great prices, married to good service.

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