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Thanks to the CPC tests we set up together with Adspert on eBay, we managed not only to effectively reduce click prices, but also to achieve optimized conversions and consequently to sustainably increase our sales.


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canis lupus GmbH is already successfully supporting its customers in listing their top sellers in the major online marketplaces, achieving high sales and reach. So far, the marketing team has used data-based and manual tools for this purpose. But in order to exploit even more potential in product listings beyond highrunners, canis lupus was looking for a way to analyze campaigns in even more depth. The goal was to gain concrete insights which could be translated into automated measures that would lead to more conversions and ultimately higher sales.

Canis lupus team got a recommendation about  Adspert and its autometed optimization of eBay Promoted Listings Advanced (PLA) campaigns. The desire to participate arose quickly, with the aim to make their own campaigns more efficient with the help of automation and business intelligence and exploit previously untapped potential. 

Success with Adspert

After the initial contact, the canis lupus team, with the support of Adspert’s experts, implemented test campaigns on Amazon and eBay. Within the one-month test phase in August 2021, these campaigns served to uncover possible conversion and click potential that had previously remained untapped.

After the test phase was evaluated, the insights gained were incorporated into the planning and implementation of their Promoted Listings Advanced advertising campaigns on The time frame chosen was the last quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022.

Various Adspert features were used for this purpose. The cost control, keyword bidding, reporting at a glance, and keyword optimization features proved particularly useful for PPC optimization. The portfolio and sales management team at canis lupus has used these features extensively over a six-month period, testing, analyzing, and evaluating the results.

In order to fully exploit the potential of all Adspert features, the canis lupus team was supported by Adspert through weekly calls and the reactions of eBay’s algorithm were analyzed in order to derive new steps for  optimization of PLA campaigns.

Through a combination of various tests and weekly calls between the canis lupus and Adspert teams, a clear trend towards more conversions and higher sales was observed. After the last adjustments in the first quarter of 2022, conversions increased significantly compared to the same period last year.

At the same time, using Adspert enabled the customer to create campaigns faster and more efficiently, even during normal operation. Support questions were answered by Adspert within one day (very complex requests within a maximum of three days), enabling the canis lupus team to quickly implement the input.

With the help of Adspert and the weekly support calls, canis lupus was able to build and readjust its approaches to optimizing click campaigns on large platforms in an even more structured way. Especially in the area of campaign creation and targeting, the platform management team was able to vastly increase its efficiency.

The marketing team of canis lupus believes that the positive findings of optimization of their eBay Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns can be transferred to other large platforms and that Adspert can thus contribute to an even better value creation for canis lupus and its customers. 

canis lupus and Adspert - case study

canis lupus GmbH

canis lupus GmbH is an e-commerce company that specializes in selling the products of companies from the Independent Aftermarket (IAM) and tools segment on over 30 trading platforms worldwide.

The company relies on data-driven approaches and methods and uses algorithms to optimize the visibility of its own products and those of its customers on the major and relevant online marketplaces. canis lupus takes a holistic approach to its e-commerce marketing. In addition to sales, the company also focuses on aspects such as branding of the product listings it manages.

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