11x Amazon PPC Leader (2021-2024)

When it comes to any kind of purchases, we like to base our decisions on the reviews of other buyers. The same applies when we are buying a new business software for online marketing.

This is where OMR Reviews comes in – the leading information platform in the digital scene.

Are you looking for a pay-per-click advertising solution? Look no further. Adspert is a consecutive winner of Amazon PPC Leader badge for the past +2 years! This best ad-tech AI might be exactly what you are looking for to make your ad campaigns more profitable.

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Amazon PPC Leader badge by OMR reviews

Adspert Holds the Amazon PPC Leader Title for +2 Years In a Row

OMR Reviews awarded Adspert with Amazon PPC Leader badge for the 11th consecutive time

Leader and Top Rated Badges

On OMR Reviews, verified users share their experiences with tools from different categories and thus help others make good software decisions. Such as SEO, SEA, online sales platforms, marketing automation software and many others.

OMR Reviews recognizes outstanding tools on a 3-month basis, awarding so-called Leaders and Top Rated badges.

  • Leader badges are based on the number of reviews and the rating, i.e. the average NPS score of the reviews. At the beginning of a new quarter, the badges are reassigned for all categories and relate to the overall performance up to that point.
  • Top Rated badges are awarded to all tools that have received at least ten reviews with an average of at least four stars in the last three months. The badges relate exclusively to the performance within the previous three months.

Adspert Reviews Drill-Down

Looking at the individual reviews, Adspert users praise:

  • Ease of use of the Amazon PPC tool
  • Massive time savings
  • More control
  • Achievement of the goals set for Amazon Ads.

Among other things, users report significant performance increase of their Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Display and Sponsored Product campaigns on Amazon Ads.

The common benefits that Adspert brings to the table are higher conversion values ​​and lower ACoS within a very short time

What is the key to Adspert’s success?

Amazon is a super complex advertising platform. Finding the best targeting settings and the right bids often poses quite a challenge for Amazon sellers and vendors.

The constant optimization of Amazon PPC campaigns usually costs a lot of time and nerves.

Adspert’s key to success is the use of state-of-the-art machine learning Artificial Intelligence (AI). The unique algorithm originates from the stock exchange, where automated trading systems have been a long-established standard.

Based on the user’s individual goals and Amazon PPC strategies, Adspert’s AI analyzes all parameters that affect the performance of the respective Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display campaigns.

The Best Ad-Tech AI

The algorithm finds the optimal targeting settings (e.g. keywords and ASINs) and controls bids accordingly.

Another advantage is that the entire process is fully automated and works 24/7, every day.

By automating your Amazon Ads campaigns with Adspert, you can:

  • Save loads of time
  • Use budgets more efficiently
  • Achieve your business goals again and again

To reach every single one of your targets, Adspert provides with various optimization goals:

  • Cost per Day
  • Cost per Conversion
  • ACoS
  • ROAS
  • and many more

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