PPC Landing Page Best Practices: The Secret to Effective Digital Marketing

Introduction to Landing Pages

In the world of digital marketing, a landing page is created specifically for marketing or advertising purposes. It’s where a visitor ends up after they click on a link in an email or an advert on Google, Bing, Amazon, or Yandex search engines.

Even though they’re also just regular web pages that typically encourage visitors to explore, landing pages are designed with a single focus in mind: driving visitors to the call-to-action – or CTA, for short.

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The Importance Of Visual Content In Your Advertising Campaigns

The Importance Of Visuals In Your Advertising Campaigns

Have you ever been in a hurry to buy a product you’ve never used before? Imagine yourself in front of a shelf stuffed from top to bottom with very similar products. The clock’s ticking and you need to decide as fast as possible. What do you pick?

The one who’s visuals stand out the most, I reckon. But why is that?

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How To Optimize Paid Search Campaigns in 5 Steps

5 Important Things for Successful PPC Advertising Campaigns

A well-executed PPC campaign is an essential part of an advertiser’s overall marketing strategy. It impacts both the number of conversions and a business’ revenue. Having poorly managed ad campaigns can do more damage than not having one at all, as sometimes it costs more than what it brings in.

There are many layers that need to be adjusted to maximize the outcome of your campaigns. Of course, one of the most critical layers is optimization, which is a requirement for any PPC advertising campaign.

There might be no silver bullet, or one size fits all; however, there are several basic tactics that help optimize PPC campaigns consistently, no matter what industry you’re in.

Here are some of the most important ones to keep in mind.

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Keywords for PPC: Short Guide

keywords for ppc ads

Think of how many times you’ve used the internet just today. Be it to check your social media profiles, watch some Youtube videos, or look something up; you have probably used it more than ten times.

Now, with this in mind, we can probably understand how SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns became so important. People will use a search engine (be it Google, Bing, Amazon, etc.) to find the thing that they need. Search engines have evolved to the point that they can offer internet users the best possible search results, by taking multiple factors into account.

One of the predominant factors that search engines use is keywords. But what exactly are keywords, and how do they influence the optimization process?

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How To Increase Sales on Amazon and Avoid 5 Critical Mistakes

increase sales on amazon - 5 common mistakes

It is highly profitable to sell and advertise your products on Amazon, whether you have your online shop or not.

But while Amazon offers plenty of possibilities, it also brings a lot of competition. To help you stay on top of the game and win against your competitors, we will explain top 5 mistakes to your attention so that you can avoid them when you’re launching a new advertising campaign on Amazon.

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