Amazon FBA Calculator: 5 Best Picks for FBA Sellers

As an Amazon seller, you’ll know that running a healthy business is all about understanding your costs, and knowing your profits.

This is where Amazon FBA Calculator tools come in.

These tools can help you to figure out exactly how much money you are making on each sale, as well as how much it will cost you to ship your products to Amazon, and any other FBA fees involved.

In this blog post, we will discuss the 5 best Amazon FBA Calculators.

I will highlight the main features of each tool, as well as their pros and cons.

Let’s go…

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Amazon FBA calculator tool

What Is An Amazon FBA Calculator?

An Amazon FBA Calculator is a tool that helps Amazon sellers to calculate their profits and costs for selling on Amazon.

FBA Calculators are also a fantastic tool for market research.

When sellers would like to know how much potential profit they could make on a product that they are looking to sell in the future, these tools are a great way to get an accurate idea of their future profit margins, return on investment (ROI), and any other FBA fees that may be included.

Calculate Amazon costs and profits

What is Amazon FBA?

FBA simply means – fulfillment by Amazon.

As an FBA seller, you’ll send all of your inventory to Amazon fulfillment center and their warehouses where they will store it for you at their facilities. When you generate sales, they pick the items off the shelves, pack them up, and ship them out to your customers on your behalf.

They handle all returned items and refunds too, so you’ll never have to handle any of your orders yourself. Amazon will fulfill them for you.

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How to Use the Amazon FBA Calculator?

The way that FBA calculators work is quite simple.

You just need to input the product’s ASIN number, which stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number, and the tool will do all of the hard work for you.

The ASIN can be found here on any Amazon product listing:

Where can I find ASIN on Amazon

ASIN is a unique code for each product on Amazon and it helps the calculator to match the item with any applicable fees or discounts.

With this information, the calculator will then give you an accurate estimate of your profit after all costs are taken into account.

If you don’t know the product’s ASIN, most of the calculator tools have a search feature where you can type in the product’s main keyword and it will come up with a list of potential matches.

What Fees Will Amazon FBA Calculators Consider?

Seller fees that you will be charged for leveraging the FBA service can be broken down into 4 categories, and they are:

  • FBA Fees
  • Fulfillment Fee
  • Storage Costs
  • Other Costs

FBA Fees

FBA fees that Amazon charges you for using their platform and services.

This includes things like Referral fees, which is a percentage of each sale that you make, as well as Variable Closing Fees, which are charged based on the item price or category that the product falls into.

Fulfillment Fees

Fulfillment fees refer to the money that Amazon charges you for storing and shipping your products – their fulfillment method.

Fulfillment cost includes things like Pick & Pack Fees, which are based on the size of the product, as well as Weight Handling Fees, which are charged based on the item weight.

Storage Fees

Storage costs refer to the money that Amazon charges you for storing your products in their warehouses. This fee changes depending on the season and is usually charged once per month as a monthly storage fee.

Other Costs

These refer to any additional selling fees that may be applicable, such as prep services, palletizing fees, or returns processing.

Now that we understand what an Amazon FBA calculator does and how it works, let’s take a look at the 5 Best Amazon FBA tools available on the market.

What Are The 5 Best Amazon FBA Calculators for Amazon Sellers?

1 – The Fulfillment By Amazon Calculator

Fulfillment By Amazon Calculator

The Fulfillment By Amazon revenue calculator is a fantastic tool for calculating profit on products.

If you don’t already pay to use any FBA tools that provide access to an FBA calculator, the FBA revenue calculator is an incredibly helpful free resource.

Main Features:
  • Its simple design is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • It’s been created by Amazon, so provides highly accurate fulfillment costs, allowing you to see real-time cost comparisons between different fulfillment methods.
  • Provides information on your potential Net Profit and Profit Margins.
  • The tool is free and available to everybody, either as an existing Amazon seller, or a guest user.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Able to search the Amazon catalog to find the exact product that you are looking to research.
  • Provides figures on extra services, such as labeling, bubble wrapping, taping, etc.
  • Unable to manually add your cost per unit, and only provides you with an estimate.
  • Unable to export the data provided.

A great tool for beginners wanting to receive ‘ballpark’ estimates on potential future profit but certainly has its limitations.



2 – Jungle Scout FBA Profit Calculator

Jungle Scout FBA Profit Calculator

The Jungle Scout FBA Calculator tool is one of the more popular Amazon seller calculator tools available, and for good reason too.

The Jungle Scout tool enables you to input your exact costs, meaning you get much more detailed and accurate output.

Main Features:
  • Calculates Amazon FBA fees and shipping costs for any product.
  • Calculates additional costs such as referra, weight handling, pick & pack and storage fees
  • Chrome extension allows you to use the calculators whilst browsing the Amazon website.
  • Ability to export results.
  • Comprehensive product search function to help you look up products quickly and accurately.
  • Easy-to-use interface with all the features needed in one place.
  • A comprehensive search function helps you find products quickly and accurately.
  • Exporting the data for market research purposes is a game changer.
  • The Chrome extension streamlines the process.
  • Provides a much more thorough calculation.
  • Only available via their paid subscription service.

As far as calculators tools go – the Jungle Scout tool is pretty incredible and very tough to beat.


The Jungle Scout basic plan starts at $29 per month.

3 – Zoof FBA Calculator

Zoof FBA Calculator

Zoof is still the new kid on the block in terms of FBA tools.

It’s still not as well-known as most other FBA tools. But Zoof is going to be a big player in the FBA seller game, because of how great the entire tool is.

The Zoof FBA Calculator Tool is probably the most user-friendly and streamlined calculator available.

After all, it was built by FBA sellers, and designed for FBA sellers.

The Chrome extension makes it much quicker to see estimated profit whilst you are on the Amazon website. Plus you can then export all of your findings when you think you may have struck gold.

Main Features:
  • A simple, clean design makes it easy to input your product information.
  • Clear display of potential Profit Margin and ROI.
  • Export data into Google Sheets or Excel.
  • Chrome extension allows you to use the calculator whilst browsing the Amazon website.
  • Calculates Amazon FBA fees and shipping costs for any product.
  • Built with FBA Sellers in mind.
  • Great search function helping sellers find products quickly and easily.
  • The Chrome extension is awesome.
  • Can export data results.
  • All Zoof data comes directly from Amazon.
  • Only available via their paid subscription service. However, Zoof offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which may counterbalance this.

Zoof as a tool for FBA Sellers is awesome, and the Profit Calculator tool is too. The Chrome extension is fantastic, so Zoof would be my number 1 choice.


The Zoof basic plan starts at $29, however, there is a free 14-day trial for Zoof which is enough time to perform key market research with their Amazon FBA tool.

4 – AMZ Scout FBA Calculator

AMZ Scout FBA Calculator

The AMZ Scout FBA Calculator shows Amazon fees, estimated sales margins, revenue, and product net profit and is free to use.

Unlike most of the other tools, AMZ Scout only has their calculator as a Chrome extension and is not hosted on their website.

Main Features:
  • The Chrome extension is easy to use and very intuitive.
  • Calculates your Profit Per Unit, Net Margin, and ROI.
  • You have to manually add in your product cost and shipping costs, as it doesn’t estimate these for you.
  • The Chrome extension makes it super easy to find and automatically calculate your costs for specific products.
  • The tool is completely free to use even if you don’t have an AMZ Scout subscription.
  • Limited to a Chrome extension as there isn’t a tool on the AMZ Scout website.
  • Doesn’t have a function to export data.
  • The extension has received negative reviews because of the distracting advertisements.

As a free FBA revenue calculator, the AMZ Scout calculator is great and provides you with enough data to make an informed decision.

If it was a free tool that you were looking for, I would recommend the Fulfillment By Amazon Calculator over this Chrome extension because the paid ads are distracting.


Completely FREE Amazon FBA calculator

5 – Profit Guru Amazon FBA Calculator

Profit Guru Amazon FBA Calculator

The Profit Guru FBA Calculator tool estimates the monthly sales volume for specific Amazon products, and calculates the potential revenue they can achieve.

The calculator is hosted on the Profit Guru webpage where you enter the product ASIN into a toolbar. The calculator then provides you with all of the product’s details, including the dimensions, weight, brand, and reviews.

Main Features:
  • Provides in depth details of the potential product which helps to get accurate quotes for shipping.
  • Calculates your potential ROI and net profit.
  • A separate calculator to estimate your overall revenue and profit on your total monthly sales. (This is awesome!)
  • Can share the results with yourself or your team members using a sharable link.
  • Provides in depth detail of the products you are searching.
  • Fantastic revenue calculator tool as an extra bonus tool.
  • It is free (with limited searches per month).
  • The shareable link is a great touch.
  • Takes a little figuring out to use it properly.
  • No Chrome extension.
  • Limited to just 10 searches per month as a free tool.

The Profit Guru Calculator is great! It’s a really powerful Amazon FBA profit calculator and provides you with in depth calculations.

If they provided a Chrome extension to streamline the search process of finding new products, this tool would be competing with Zoof or Jungle Scout for the top spot!


Free – but limited to just 10 searches per month.

Profit Guru monthly plans start at $39 per month where all limitations are removed.

How To Know Your Shipping Costs When Using An FBA Calculator

In order to be able to calculate your potential profit, most Amazon FBA Calculators tools will ask for the cost of your shipping costs.

However, most Amazon sellers use such calculators for product research purposes. You won’t know how much your outbound shipping (and maybe even inbound shipping) costs will be until you start asking freight companies for quotes.

Obviously we don’t want to keep requesting quotes for every single product that we research.

This will not only bombard our freight forwarders, but it will waste a huge amount of time waiting to receive quotes on shipping fees.

So how do we know what figure to put into the ‘Shipping Fees‘ tab on the FBA Calculator tool?

Calculate Shipping Costs In a Flash

The best way to know our potential shipping costs for a specific product, is to head to the Freightos website and click on their Landed Costs Calculator page.

Freightos Landed Cost Calculator

This service will instantly provide you with an estimate of your total shipping costs before you even ship orders. The fees are accurate enough to enter into your calculator tool to figure out your overall profit on a potential future product investment.

A tip when using both of these tools together –

To receive an estimate on your shipping fees, you first need to know your product’s dimensions.

But you won’t know your product’s dimensions just yet… 

2 Easy Steps to Figure Out Product Dimensions

Step 1

I recommend using an FBA Calculator tool first, to find potential product ideas, and enter a ‘sensible guess’ for the shipping fees into your calculator.

Step 2

When you feel like you may have discovered a winning product idea, use the calculator tool to provide you with the product’s specific dimensions (Zoof is great for this). 

Quick Way to Get Accurate ROI

Use the information you got in the previous steps. Then enter the dimensions into the Freightos Cost Calculator to get a more specific shipping fee.

The Frieghtos estimated shipping fee will inevitably be much more accurate than your own guess work.

Go back to the calculator of your choice and input the estimated shipping fee you got from Freightos (or any other similar tool). This will then provide you with a much more accurate ROI and Profit margin.


Amazon FBA calculators are essential tools for any Amazon seller looking to accurately predict profit on products before making a purchase.

You can use any of the 5 Amazon FBA calculators in this post to accurately estimate profits and costs for selling products on the platform.

All of these tools are user-friendly, affordable (some free), and effective for Amazon sellers looking to maximize their profits on the platform.

If I were to choose one of these tools for myself, I would choose the Zoof Tool based on the cleanliness of the site. Zoof’s Chrome extension is the most user friendly and accurate extension out of the 3 tools that have one.

Good luck with your journey as an Amazon seller!

Guest post by Craig Adam.

craig adam

Craig Adam

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