Adspert ranked as Europe’s #1 Amazon PPC Tool

Amazon is a complex advertising platform and setting the right bids on keywords and products can get quite challenging. Therefore, David Zimmerman, the leading Amazon Ads Expert, has analyzed and ranked more than 40 tools that automate and manage Amazon Ads campaigns.

Among the top providers, Adspert was one of the tools to really convince in the area of profit-oriented automation. It was ranked as #4 Amazon PPC tool globally – the only non-U.S. provider, making Adspert #1 tool from Europe.

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Since it’s been founded, Adspert has been very focused on building easy to use, high-performing advertising technologies; that enable businesses to automate their advertising campaigns.

Comparison of over 40 Amazon Ads tools

  • Machine Learning AI
  • Placement Bids
  • Target / Keyword Harvesting
  • Smart Budget Management
  • Quick Analyze / Smart Filters
  • Easy Optimization / Suggestions
  • Analyze / Optimize Placements

Outstanding Amazon keyword/ASIN harvesting and profit maximization

In the review, Adspert is chosen as one of the best Amazon optimization tools among 40 platforms based on our features such as autopilot optimization, keyword/ASIN harvesting, budget management, advanced filtering, powerful bidding algorithm, and the very useful forecasting capabilities.

But there was one category in which Adspert stood out in particular: “Target Harvesting”. Adspert is the only Amazon Ads tool besides another provider that can automatically shift keywords between campaigns of different ad types (Sponsored Products, Brands & Display).

“This is extremely powerful and will save you a ton of time.”

— David Zimmermann, Amazon PPC Expertr

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In addition, Adspert also made it into the Top Amazon PPC tools worldwide because it focuses on maximizing the Amazon seller’s profits. Unlike Adspert, most of the other tools rely on ACoS-based automation, which is technically easier to implement, but often results in lower overall profits.

So, providing a true automation experience, Adspert’s bid management platform allows its customers to optimize their stores on profits, forecast their advertising performance, quickly access campaign and product-based reports, and get directly actionable suggestions on keywords, budgets, and products.

Amazon PPC Tool from Germany

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