eBay PPC Expands Promoted Listings Advanced: From 1 to 4 Slots

A fresh announcement came out about an expansion of eBay PPC - Promoted Listings Advanced! Based on the PPC (pay-per-click) model, users could get access to the top slot of eBay’s search results.

What benefits does the novelty bring to sellers? An expansion from 1 to 4 top slots! Embrace the expansion and get more impressions, better visibility and higher sales.

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eBay PPC with promoted listings advanced

Increase eBay Listings Visibility

Until now, all sellers using eBay PPC and PLA – Promoted Listings Advanced could only compete for the one top slot in eBay’s search results.

Not bad at all, but it does make the already tough competition even tougher. With expanding the number of available slots from 1 to 4, there are more opportunities for sellers to scale up the listings visibility.

eBay expands Promoted Listings Advanced
eBay expands the number of available slots from 1 to 4.

“Since launching Promoted Listings Advanced in June 2021, our overall catalog sales have seen an increase. In fact, in May 2022 we saw a 96.75% sales growth compared with May 2021 as a result of our Advanced campaigns and getting involved in whole catalog coupons.”

— Ultimate Products on ebayads.com

How to Secure Good Performance of eBay PPC Campaigns?

Are you already running eBay PPC campaigns? If yes, revise your current campaigns. If not, then now is the time to switch to the higher gear and try it out, as it offers more visibility than ever before.

eBay states the following campaign criteria determine who wins and gets to the top 4 slots:

  • Quality
  • Keyword relevance
  • Bid amount
  • Reserve price
  • Other seller’s bids

It does not end there. Take one more step back and after checking the campaigns, delve into the listings as well. Go through the checklist below to create new or correct your current listings. This will definitely help you to improve your chances of securing your listing’s spot in one of the top 4 slots via promoted listing advanced!

1 in 5 eBay purchases - quote
According to eBay, 1 in 5 purchases start with a listing that appears at the top of the eBay search results page.

eBay Listings Optimization Checklist

  • Clear and concise title (max 80 characters, no grammar mistakes)
  • Accurate description and product details
  • Product specifics (model, size, color, style, etc.)
  • High-quality photos from multiple angles (up to 12 photos are included for free)

Additional Tips for Adspert Users

Our goal is to boost your performance. That is why we also prepared extra tips for you, our loyal Adspert users.

Are you an Adspert user and are selling but not advertising on eBay? Now is the time to reconsider eBay PPC. A newly released slot expansion could be just what you needed to drive sales!

review adspert to boost ebay ads
Adspert users should review daily budgets and increase the Cost per Day goal to work towards getting into one of the 4 slots.

Are you an Adspert user and are optimizing your eBay Ads campaigns? Act fast and increase your chances to snatch those extra slots:

Can I Still Reach Top 4 Slots With Promoted Listings Standard?

3 benefits to eBay slot expansion
Slot expansion brings multiple benefits to sellers using eBay Promoted Listings Advanced.

The release also states that the Advanced campaigns will get preferred access to the top of the search. That said, if you are only limited to Promoted Listings Standard, there’s a piece of bad news – your chances of top exposure just got slimmer.

Excellent Time to Try Out Promoted Listings Advanced

Is eBay promoted listings worth it? Dedicating at least a part of your budget to PPC campaigns through eBay Promoted Listings Advanced is a good idea. Especially now when the chances to make it to the top expanded from one to four slots! Chances for increased visibility and potentially higher sales are better than ever.

In case you would like to boost the performance of Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns without almost moving a finger, start a FREE Adspert trial.

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