Bing Ads vs Google Ads; Which One Is Better?

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Pros and Cons of Google and Google Ads

There are many things that need to be considered when selecting a platform. Some of them include: 


Everybody knows that Google is the biggest search engine. In fact, in 2019, Google accounted for 75.74% of worldwide desktop and laptop searches and got the largest number of its visitors from the US. These numbers put Google in the first place when it comes sto popularity. 


Because Google has a greater reach than any other search engine, your ads will be seen by a lot of people, but this also comes with a downside: more competition. There will be a lot of ads competing for the same spot. In order for your ad to appear on Google, you have to constantly optimize your advertising campaigns, your keywords, and your bids. 


Another con is the pricing of the bids. A lot of competition will cause an increase in keyword bids, which essentially means that you will have to expand your daily budget and spend more money. 

Ad structure

A great thing about Google Ads is that it’s intuitive and easy to use. Everything you need, Google will provide, including a keyword planner and analytic tools. 

The way the ads are structured is also pretty straightforward. The ads are organized in campaigns, and we have three types of campaigns: 

  • Search Ads- these are text ads 
  • Display Ads- these are image based ads
  • Video Ads- the ads we see on YouTube

The different campaigns offer a lot of diversity to your ads. Google Search ads have your website’s URL and description under the ad’s title. You can have two short description lines of 35 characters each, or a longer description line of 80 characters. 

CTR (click-through-rate)

CTRs are used to see how well your ads and keywords are performing. To find out your CTR, you take the number of clicks your ad receives and you divide it by the number of times your ad shows up. 

The formula is: clicks ÷ impressions = CTR. Usually Google has a CTR average of about 2%.

Pros and Cons of Bing Ads

Now that we have seen the pros and cons of Google Ads, let’s check out Bing Ads:


Bing Ads uses three search engines: Bing, Yahoo!, and AOL. The most popular of the three is, of course, Bing. Although these search engines are not as popular as Google, Bing still manages to be at the top, accounting for 33% of internet search in the US. This gives Bing Ads a pretty good and selective reach.


In terms of competition, Bing Ads has the upper hand. Most businesses choose to invest just in Google Adwords, which means that there will not be a lot of competition for keywords, bids, and ad spots. 


With lower competition comes lower bids. Of course, the bid costs depend from industry to industry, but generally speaking, you don’t have to invest as much money as you would with Google Ads. Recent studies show that the average cost-per-click on Bing Ads can be 70% lower than AdWords

Ad structure

When it comes to ads, Google Adwords and Bing Ads are pretty similar. Even though Google Ads is easier to use, Bing Ads offers specificity. For example, the types of ads on Bing are: 

  • expanded text ads
  • dynamic search ads 
  • product ads
  • microsoft audience ads
  • microsoft advertising in Bing Smart Search
  • app install ads
  • responsive search ads

Just like with Google Ads, ads on bing have your website’s URL and description under the ad’s title. Like Google Ads, Bing Ads offers you the tools you need to create and optimize your ads. 


Bing offers several shopping and financial ads, which, combined with Bing’s prospects, increases the CTR. The demographic on Bing is mostly formed of middle-aged people with higher incomes, so the chances of an ad being clicked and a purchase being made is much higher.

Bottom line 

Both Google Ads and Bing Ads present great advantages. The best plan of action would be to invest in both and develop your campaigns simultaneously. Or even better, start your campaigns on Google, test them out, and perfect them. After you have enough data collected and have optimized your campaigns, you can import them to Bing. 

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