Increase Conversions With PPC Landing Pages

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A ppc landing page is basically a standalone online page that you plan to use in an ad campaign with AdWords, Google AdWords, or any other search engine. It is a separate page where visitors click on a pay-per-click advertisement after clicking on an advertisement. Their relevancy and simplicity are what make landing pages one of the easiest ways to boost conversions from your organic traffic and cut the cost-per-click of your PPC ads. This is especially true if your conversion rates are very high and if you are paying per click on the top-ranking results of major search engines like Google and Yahoo! Search Marketing.

3 Things You Need to Care

The most effective ppc landing page headlines are those that contain three elements. The headline is the most important part of the ad; it has to catch the reader’s attention right away. It should have a good title that is catchy and has enough information about the product or service to get the reader’s attention. Next, the body of the ad has to grab the reader’s attention again. It needs to present the benefits of purchasing this product in as few words as possible. The benefits need not be exaggerated; they only need to be highlighted.

Here is the checklist for Headline that you can always keep in your pocket:


Keep Short

One important thing to remember when writing a PPC headline is that it has to be short. Visitors are given only a minute of words to scan before moving onto another company. If there are more words than needed in your headline, the visitor may not feel interested in reading more. Thus, you should choose a shorter keyword for your landing page as well. The shorter the keyword, the better.

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Test, Test, Test

Once you have written your PPC ad headline and have tested it, the next step is to test your landing page. The way to do this is to create three different ads using the same set of keywords. What will test each ad headline and each of the ad copies for a certain amount of time? When the results come out, you can compare your results.

This article by the Wordstream can explain to you how to evolve your test practices

Landing page ads, therefore, can help you with increasing conversions and lowering your cost-per-clicks. It is best to choose your keywords carefully to maximize the potential of these ads. Write a compelling ad copy to entice your visitors to click on these ads and optimize PPC ads to drive maximum traffic to your site and your landing page. These steps will greatly increase your chances of success with PPC.

How To Optimize PPC Landing Pages
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Bottom Line

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