How to Advertise on Amazon: From Zero to Hero

If you are a business owner with products to sell then you’re probably asking yourself two things:

  • Where can I sell my products?
  • How can I advertise my products?

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How to Advertise on Amazon

You probably already invested in an E-commerce website, which means that you have started advertising campaigns on one or more search engines, such as Google or Yandex.

To put it more bluntly, this would mean that you’re using a PPC strategy on Google Ads to make sure that your website appears in the top search results. 

Why Amazon?

advertising for amazon sellers

The Basics of Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads Basics

Amazon has a self-serving platform where you can advertise your products, which is called the Amazon Advertising Console. The great thing about the Advertising Console is that you can use it without having any special account. As long as you’re selling your products on Amazon, you’re set. 

There are three types of ads on Amazon: 

  1. Sponsored Brands Ads – they stand above the search results, and you can advertise at least 3 products.
  2. Sponsored Product Ads – they appear at the top of the search results, and sometimes they can appear at the bottom of the page.
  3. Sponsored Display Ads – these ads appear on the side of the page while you’re actually looking at a product.

The Display Product Placement ads do not operate on keywords, but rather on the interest of the customer. In other words, they are targeting the products that might transform lead into a customer.

Amazon also presents different bidding types for sponsored ads, which come in 3 different categories: 

  1. Dynamic Bids, Down Only- when you select this kind of bid, Amazon, will reduce your bids when it’s unlikely for a click to be converted into a sale, which can efficiently save some of your financial resources.
  2. Dynamic Bids, Up, and Down- just like for the previous type of bids, Amazon will automatically adjust the bids, but it’s going to do so whenever the chances of converting into a sale either rise or plummet. When there are high chances, the bid will increase, and when the chances are low, the bid will decrease. 
  3. Fixed Bids- as the name suggests, these bids will remain the same until you manually change them. 

Out of the many features that Amazon offers, it also allows you to either go for a manual advertising campaign or an automatic campaign. With the automatic campaign, you select the maximum daily budget and the CPC, set the campaign on running, and just lay back and relax. With the manual campaign, though, you have to perform the keyword research yourself (this includes the negative keywords) and set the bids and match types.

Once you start your Amazon campaign for one or several products that you have, you can, of course, start optimizing them, which leads us to the next point. 

What You Should Consider Before You Start

advertising on amazon

The most important decision you need to make is not whether or not you should start advertising on Amazon but whether you should automate your online advertising campaigns once you have them. You might be asking yourself: ‘Okay, but what are the benefits of automatization in advertisements?’ in which case, we recommend reading our article that exemplifies how automatization is changing digital ads. 

And the best part is that with our 100% Plug and Play feature, you don’t need to become a PPC expert overnight. With a few simple clicks,  allow Adspert to manage your campaigns while taking care of your business needs. And the best thing about Adspert is that you get a 30-day free trial in which you can test out all of the features and see if Adspert is the right fit for you and your business. Don’t wait any more time, and claim your free trial today! 

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