Should you use automated targeting for Amazon advertising?

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Suppose you’re displaying your products on Amazon. In that case, it’s quite likely that your marketing strategy already involves Amazon Ads. Still, just in case you’re getting started, or you don’t know much about advertising on Amazon, here’s some useful information that you can use when deciding whether you’d like to go for automated targeting or manual targeting.

Now, you might be asking yourself: ‘What exactly is targeting and how is it used?” 

In our beginner’s guide to Amazon Ads, we presented, among other things, a short introduction to the advertising options that you have on Amazon. These options involve Headline Search Ads, Sponsored Product Ads, and Display Product Placements. Targeting is one of the features that you can modify to optimize your Sponsored Product Ads, basically PPC campaigns on Amazon.

Automated Targeting vs. Manual Targeting

Once you start your Sponsored Product Ads campaign on Amazon, you will need to select your targeting type. Here you’ll have two options: automated targeting and manual targeting. As you might have already figured out, automated targeting is automated, but what exactly does that involve? 

Basically, when you pick automated targeting, Amazon does most of the work. You’ll have to select the product you want to advertise, choose a daily budget, and when you’d like the campaign to start and end. From there on, Amazon will start targeting keywords that match your product or are at least similar to your product and in the same product category.

WIth manual targeting, you need to put in the work. While setting up your campaign, you must find keywords that match your product and your product’s description because, like in most PPC campaigns, Amazon will present your ads only when your keywords match the user’s. If you’d like to know more about keywords, you can check out our other article, where you’ll get a better introduction to the different types of keywords. 

Why Is Automated Targeting Better?

If you’re planning to manage your advertising campaigns personally, then automated targeting is better than its manual counterpart. The main reasoning behind this is that automated targeting is easier to set up and handle. You don’t have to worry about keyword research because Amazon does it for you. But this means that your product needs to be in the right category, and it must have an accurate description. If these things are amiss, then Amazon will not perform relevant keyword research, which will only lead to unwanted traffic to your product’s page.

The automated targeting option is definitely a must-try, especially when you don’t have the time or knowledge to create successful campaigns. But if you want to control every aspect of your campaign, including the list of keywords and bids that go on each keyword, then you can go for manual targeting.

A good strategy would be to combine the two. Use the automated targeting feature for a few days up to a few weeks until you collect some data and do some research. Even if your targeting is set to automate, Amazon will still give you regular reports that you can use. After that, you can select manual targeting, use the data you’ve collected, and start experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t.

Why Is Adspert Even Better?

So, if you’re starting your advertising campaign on Amazon, then without a doubt, getting automated targeting might seem like the best option out there. But we have an even better option in mind: Why not automate the whole advertising process?

It might look like a stretch at first, but with Adspert, the impossible becomes possible! 

Now, there are many pros when it comes to automatization, and you might have seen just how useful it is in other fields. Still, we’ll try to cover the essentials and tell you exactly how Adspert can considerably improve your advertising campaigns.

The first thing that should be noted and what makes Adspert so appealing is its Plug&Play feature. And yes, that means that once you start using Adspert, you can start focusing on other departments of your business, or just lay back and relax. While Adspert is at work, your Amazon campaigns will be optimized, and your keywords and bids will be properly maintained. This means that you will be able to maximize your revenue while keeping your ROI and cost management in check.

And just in case you want to expand your advertising campaigns to other platforms (a marketing strategy that we recommend), you can rest assured because Adspert can take care and optimize your ads on five different platforms: Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo! and, of course, Amazon. So make sure you make the most out of your advertising campaigns and use Adspert.