Promote Listing on eBay: Now More Space for Your Ads

Ad slots for eBay Promoted Listings Advanced have expanded again. The best part?

You can win even more impressions and sales of your listings with the help of eBay ads.

Keep reading and find out more about all details related to the most recent slot expansion of Promoted Listings Advanced.

7 Slots for You to Promote Listing on eBay

This current expansion (April 2023) isn’t much smaller! Promoted Listings Advanced (PLA) now offers 3 additional slots and boost your chances to promote listing on eBay.

This raises the number to the total of 7 available premium placements for your Promoted Listings Advanced.

ebay promoted listings advanced

What are the Benefits of eBay PLA Slot Expansion?

The benefits of Promoted Listings Advanced slot expansion are:

  • Greater opportunity to show up for relevant search queries
  • Scale up your listing visibility…
  • … that can result in more sales!

Pro Tip

Are you really happy with the performance of your eBay Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns? See this eBay Promoted Listings guide and pump up your PLA performance!

You are not advertising on eBay? Now is the chance to give it a go!

Follow the same link to get a step-by-step guide on how to create successful Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns that will help you grow your sales.

Can I Win eBay Ads Slots With Promoted Listings Standard?

Sounds unfair? If you know how PLA works, it does make sense. eBay sellers that use Promoted Listings Advanced bid on PLA premium placements in search and pay per click.

That’s why PLA will usually win one of the 7 slots in the eBay search results page over PLS.

Final Thoughts

eBay Ads team expanded the space for sponsored ads based on your feedback. You spoke and they listened – how great is that!

Now you (and other eBay sellers) have even more advertising opportunities for eBay Promoted Listings Advanced.

Promoted listings advanced

Space for your eBay ads increased from 4 to 7! This could ultimately bring you more impressions, exposure and potentially more sales when using Promoted Listings Advanced.

If you are selling but not advertising on eBay, now is the time to try!

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