Amazon Advertising

Amazon is arguably the world’s most dominant e-commerce company and its high conversion rates make them a rising star in the field of performance-based advertising. Amazon focuses on the automation and standardization of all areas, and Adspert leverages this to provide fully automated, optimized advertising: campaigns, keyword maintenance and bids – always perfectly positioned for maximizing revenue.


Regain Data Sovereignty

Historical account performance and data is always visible, seasonality is transparent, and individual product performance metrics are available to all our users.

Best Practice

The experienced Adspert team not only advises you on how to best structure new and existing campaigns, but also how sales and target strategies can help you make the most of your advertising budget.

International & 24/7

Adspert works with all languages, time zones and currencies worldwide and around the clock, even if you’re not around.

Push-Button Scalability

Adspert works on all Amazon marketplaces and is able to incorporate and optimize ad campaigns at the push of a button. Adspert achieves this by working on highly scalable mathematical clusters that can be scaled globally at any time.

Intuitive Operation and Integration

Adspert is 100% Plug&Play. Users are able to log in with a single click, after which Adspert is ready to optimize. Adspert analyzes and comprehensively displays all relevant information, ensuring easier and more efficient decision making.

Takes Control

Adspert is independent of Amazon and works exclusively with your interests in mind, dominating all sectors and markets.

Time Saving

Adspert automates time consuming activities like campaign setups and keyword maintenance. Handling will be facilitated and time for content-related and strategic account development will be released.

Achieves Goals

Adspert independently achieves set goals according to the Amazon product cycle, visibility, and turnover potential regardless of ACoS, profit, or ROI.


Case studies

Polar Watch

Polar has been a sports technology innovator for over 40 years, helping athletes and coaches alike to achieve their peak performance. Polar began with digital heart rate monitors and has since expanded into multiple training solutions for elite athletes, coaches, and active fitness enthusiasts. Polar remains a trusted performance partner due to their products’ accuracy and reliability, and the company’s superior experience.

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Doit Online Media

Doit Online Media is a Dutch agency made up of 25 enthusiastic employees. In addition to Google Ads and Facebook Ads, the company specializes in content marketing and developing high-quality websites and applications. Doit Online is using Adspert to optimize their clients campaigns.

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Auxmoney is an online loan platform where customers can receive their preferred loan quickly, easily and simply.

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Birken Apotheke has acted as Birken Pharmacy’s online mail-order service since 2004, offering customers a range of over 70,000 pharmaceuticals.

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Digicomp is the leading independent partner in the development of digital skills for business.

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