Amazon Prime Day 2020: What is it, and how to prepare your business?

As one of the most highly anticipated events for Amazon Prime members, Prime Day 2020 promises incredible deals, competitive prices, and exclusive entertainment.

But how can you prepare your business to make the most of this event?

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What is Amazon Prime Day?

A Short Introduction to Amazon Prime

What is Amazon Prime?

The main reason why people get Amazon prime might be the shipping time. For eligible items, you can get a wide variety of delivery options, all of which are free and fast. You can choose from one-day deliveries, same-day deliveries, 2-hour grocery deliveries, Amazon Day deliveries, and In-Garage or In-Home deliveries. 

And the perks don’t stop here! Amazon Prime also allows you to watch TV series, movies, and live events, lets you listen to music, and grants you access to thousands of Ebooks, comics, and magazines. So it’s not surprising that for $12.99 a month, customers are choosing Prime. 

What Is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day’s main attractions are the sales and low product prices, which give Black Friday a run for its money. But that’s not all. In the past two years, Amazon combined the power of sales with entertainment, providing concerts featuring famous singers and streaming them exclusively on Amazon Video.

Although Prime Day doesn’t have a fixed date, it usually starts in July, the dates varying from the 10th until the 16th. Due to this year’s unusual circumstances, the event was pushed until this fall. A certain date has not been made public yet, but many speculate that Prime Day 2020 will also take place in October.  

How To Prepare Your Business

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day’s delay has disheartened many, but we believe this gives sellers a great opportunity to prepare a bit more for this event. Until now, we have discussed Amazon Prime from the perspective of a buyer, but what does Amazon Prime mean to sellers and business owners? And how can you prepare your business for such an important event? If you haven’t already, take this opportunity to also check your Amazon PPC campaign strategy.

To put it simply, Prime Day offers business owners that have their products on Amazon the chance to increase their sales over the course of the event exponentially. But because this event had shown such a great increase in sales in the past few years– compared to 2018, when Amazon sold 100 million products. In 2019, Amazon managed to sell over 175 million products– a lot of popular retailers have also joined the event to get a share from that profit. This makes it more difficult to stand out, so your business must thoroughly prepare to compete with big names like Walmart. 

Here are some tips that you can try out this year’s Prime Day 2020:

Make a Plan

The first thing that you should do is make a plan. Take a look at the products that brought you the biggest revenue in the past, and make sure that you are fully stocked. You should also check to see what other products your business offers could go well with the main ones and create some product bundles that you can see. 

Make Use of Lighting Deals 

Lighting Deals are promotional offers in which a limited number of discounts are given in a certain time-frame. Using this type of deal, you can maximize your sales by creating a sense of urgency around your offer. 

Deliver the Products on Time

Amazon Prime Day preparation: deliver products in time

You might be overwhelmed by the number of products you have, but that should not stop you from offering great customer service and good delivery time. If you have a certain number of products displayed, make sure that you can deliver every one of them on time. 

Optimize your PPC Campaigns

Market your Products

Let your customer base and your social media followers know that you’re going to participate in Prime Day 2020 and that you’re preparing some special offers for them. Hint at those special offers, and don’t forget to leave links that will take leads or second-time buyers directly to your products. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Amazon Prime Day 2020 offers a prime opportunity for sellers and business owners to boost sales and maximize profits.

By strategically planning, leveraging lighting deals, ensuring timely delivery, optimizing PPC campaigns, and effective marketing, businesses can stand out and compete successfully during this highly anticipated event.

With millions of Prime members seeking deals, it is crucial to stock up on popular items, create enticing bundles, deliver exceptional service, and leverage social media to drive traffic. Seize this exclusive event, connect with your audience, and propel your business towards success on Amazon.

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