How does Adspert add new keywords on eBay?

This article explains how Adspert finds and adds new keywords on eBay Ads.

If you would like to use new keywords, you have three options to choose from: add them automatically, suggest new keywords only and do not add any keywords.

Read on to find out more about keywords options for your eBay Ads.

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eBay Ads keyword harvesting

Besides setting bids, Adspert can also add new keywords to your Promoted Listings Advanced (PLA) campaigns on eBay.

How Adspert finds new keywords for eBay PLA campaigns?

The source for adding new keywords on eBay is the search query report.

Adspert adds and suggests keywords based on different addition reasons:

  • High click value
  • High CTR
  • Cheap click
  • High volume

Each of the addition reasons listed above has a different threshold that is considered when comparing to the full ad groups’s average values.

Once these are identified, they are added as exact keywords, allowing Adspert to be as specific as possible with the placed bids.

Keywords are the core of every ad, campaign, and listing. To get the big picture, read our Promoted Listing eBay Guide.

How Can I Use Harvested Keywords for My eBay Ads?

Adspert constantly harvests new keywords to boost your performance. Would you like to use them?

Go to Control > Settings > New Keywords and choose one of the 3 options:

  1. Add new keywords automatically
  2. Suggest new keywords only
  3. Do not add any keywords

Let’s take a closer look at each option.

use Adspert Keywords for My eBay Ads

Add new keywords automatically

The first option does exactly that – adds new relevant keywords automatically to your campaigns.

Suggest new keywords only

This is the recommended option because it allows you to monitor new suggestions in the dashboard and confirm them before adding them to your campaigns.

This way, you have a good overview of the new keywords.

Do not add any keywords

The last option is quite self-explanatory – if you choose this option, our AI will not search for new keywords and you will lose the opportunity to add new, potentially high performance keywords to your campaigns.

That is why I do not recommend you to choose this option.

Do all new keywords bring immediate sales results?

Bear in mind that sometimes Adspert does not add keywords just to achieve outstanding results. In some cases our smart AI adds certain keywords to gain the level of control the exact match type offers.

Then our AI bids the keywords down to ensure there is no overspending on keywords that do not produce the desired results.


Adspert provides a comprehensive solution for finding and adding new keywords to your eBay advertising campaigns.

By leveraging the search query report and considering various factors such as click value, CTR, click cost, and volume, Adspert identifies relevant keywords that can drive better performance.

By utilizing Adspert’s keyword harvesting capabilities, you can unlock the potential for enhanced eBay Ads performance and drive better results for your business.

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