eBay Ads Rebrands to eBay Advertising

Big news for eCommerce sellers on eBay! On 8 July 2024, eBay Ads was rebranded to eBay Advertising.

This change comes with new names for their campaign types.

Let’s break it down.

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ebay ads is now ebay advertising

eBay Ads is now eBay Advertising! This rebranding isn’t just a name change.

It also includes updates to the advertising campaign type names and revamped user interface of the Seller Hub.

Here’s what you need to know.

eBay Advertising Campaign Type Changes

eBay has updated the names of their ad campaigns:

Previous nameNew nameNew campaign type referenceIn Adspert
Promoted Listings AdvancedPromoted Listingspriority campaign
Promoted Listings Priority
Promoted Listings StandardPromoted Listingsgeneral campaign
Offsite AdsPromoted OffsiteN/AUnsupported
Promoted DisplayPromoted Stores
(UK: Promoted Shops)

What you’ll need to pay attention to from now on is that previous Promoted Listings Advanced and Promoted Listings Standard share the same name: Promoted Listings. 

Campaign Strategy Types for Promoted Listings

The difference between the two is now not in the product (campaign) name, but in the campaign strategy type

  • Promoted Listings Advanced → Promoted Listings with a priority campaign strategy
  • Promoted Listings Standard → Promoted Listings with a general campaign strategy

So, when you want to create Promoted Listings with priority campaign strategy (former Promoted Listings Advanced), make sure to select the correct priority campaign strategy in the campaign creation process. 

New Advertising Tab in eBay’s Seller Hub

With this rebranding, eBay has also introduced a new dedicated Advertising tab in the Seller Hub. 

Previously, you could access eBay’s advertising features through the “Marketing” tab in Seller Hub. From now on, use “Advertising”.

ebay seller hub - advertising tab

This tab is a one-stop-shop for all your advertising needs on eBay, providing:

  • New Advertising Dashboard: Access insights and performance metrics for new and existing campaigns.

  • Redesigned Campaign Creation Experience: A simplified and unified destination for launching campaigns. 
ebay advertising campaign creation
  • Personalized Experiences: Daily, customized, and actionable tips to optimize campaign performance.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Centralized, data-driven dashboards for making informed decisions.

  • Trend-Based and Suggested Campaigns: Ready-to-launch campaigns based on current trends and eBay’s best practices.

  • Advertising Insights: Latest industry news, research, and product announcements.

In short, the new Advertising tab centralizes all eBay Advertising features. To learn more about those changes, read official announcement from eBay


eBay Ads’ rebranding to eBay Advertising mostly means fresh campaign type names. Get up to speed with the newest updates to correctly update and create new campaigns.

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