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Learn with Adspert about how big retailers and brands like the Klingel Group, Hella and BlaBlaCar were able to successfully harness the power of artificial intelligence to automate their Amazon advertising and regain their independence from platforms. In September 2019, Amazon marketing expert and Adspert CEO Marcel Pirlich held a detailed seminar on Amazon Advertising at DMEXCO 2019. Following this event, we would like to provide all those who were unable to make it to Cologne with free access to the presentation video.

Marcel begins his presentation by portraying the various different opportunities presented by Amazon Advertising:

  • Amazon Advertising – The Giant Has Awoken
    How the market is developing and why Amazon is becoming increasingly important for retailers.
  • 5 Best & 5 Worst Things About Amazon Advertising
    What advantages does Amazon Advertising offer to sellers and vendors, and what drawbacks would they need to expect?
  • Amazon Ads Step by Step Success Guide
    The three steps to successful Amazon advertising.

Adspert’s founder then explains how AI-based, automated campaign management, keywords, and products are the only way retailers can achieve optimum results.

  • Advertising Automation Checklist 
    How do I prepare my account for automated ad management?

  • How Machine Learning Automation Works
    How will automation help me succeed Amazon Advertising and what functions and features does Adspert AI offer?

Our video, ‘Automate Amazon Advertising’, that made up part of our presentation at DMEXCO 2019can be watched here:

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Download the free Amazon Advertising Automation presentation:

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