How Automation Changes Digital Advertising

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As technology moves forward, the line between reality and the science fiction concepts that we have seen in movies thins out. Of course, not everything might be as spectacular as flying cars or human-like androids, but the small developments made in the field of AI (artificial intelligence) are note-worthy. 

While discussing scientific innovation, we need to realize just how widespread technology has become. There are very few domains that have not been dominated or at least influenced by automation and technology, and advertising is not one of them. The truth is that marketers have already started using automation in their advertising campaigns, and the integration of software automation left their marks along the way. 

But what changes do automation and software developments bring to the table? Can you use automation to optimize and improve your advertising campaigns? These are some questions that might have arisen in your mind, but no worries, we are going to tackle all of them right now. 

First, How Does It Work?

To know the benefits of automation, we must first discover what it is and how it works. At its core, automation is an “automatically controlled operation of an apparatus, process, or system by mechanical or electronic devices that take the place of human labor.” The definition still stands strong, but in recent years it became a display of human ingenuity, as professional programmers struggled to create perfect machine learning algorithms.

Well, they succeeded. We still have a long way to go, but we have a solid foundation that we can build on. But how does it work? The system will follow the commands that have been inputted from the beginning or take existing data and analyze it to make efficient and calculated decisions. 

Many fields started using automation to complete various tasks, and recent applications for automation can be seen in mining, retail, waste management, business processes, industrial work, and of course, in advertising.  

Many advertising platforms, including the big ones, such as Google and Amazon, saw the potential of automation, and they tried to integrate it into their marketing campaigns. Along with them, some other AdTech companies started leveraging Artificial Intelligence to optimize advertising campaigns across different advertising platforms. While these companies succeeded in automating most processes (bidding, ad scheduling, content), the campaigns cannot run on their own quite yet.

Less Time, More Money

Automation improves your conversion rates by making your PPC campaigns more successful, but they will also save up your most valuable resource; time. performed a study that proved that marketers can save up to 30 percent of their time by automating specific processes. 

But what does automation include in ads campaigns? For most platforms, they include full automation on bid automation (with which they can optimize your bids based on your goals), bid adjustments, and targeting.

By automating these items, automation systems will continuously revise data to make the best decision for your business’s advertising campaigns. 

No More Mistakes 

To be human is to make mistakes. But if you take out the human component and replace it with a machine, then the risk of mistakes also diminishes. 

You might argue that even machines and software can malfunction once in a while, which is true. But if there is a team of experts backing the system up and performing regular check-ups, then the probability of a system malfunctioning or having a bug diminishes significantly. 

Before automation, ads had to rely on people to read and analyze complex data to make advertising decisions, but now, by using an automated system for your ad campaigns, you will not have to invest in an expert, which will save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Where Does Human Touch End and Automation Begin?

The biggest fear that people have when it comes to automation is that technological evolution will reach such an advanced point that humans will become useless. While these fears are valid and not entirely baseless, we are still far away from the position in which machinery will completely overtake our functional role in society. 

It is undeniable that automation stole some tasks that would have traditionally been performed by people, but at the same time, it creates new tasks that require human creativity, and there are still many domains or departments that don’t see the need for automation. Even in advertising, some tasks are better performed or can only be performed by humans, such as storytelling, image creation, and ad testing.

Automate Your Campaigns, Improve Your Results

Although automation can be pretty intimidating at first, it’s worth trying, especially if your business is constantly growing. But if you’re wondering how you can find a business that will optimize and automate your campaigns, your search is already over. 

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