Adspert PPC Optimization Types: Revenue, Profit and Click

Adspert offers three different optimization types: Revenue, Profit and Click Optimization.

Depending on your platform, account settings and conversion values, all three options might not be available at all times. Read on to learn more about each optimization type.

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PPC Optimization Type

Revenue Optimization

This is the most common optimization type used by Adspert users. It is how all Amazon Ads and eBay Ads PLA (Promoted Listings Advanced) campaigns are optimized, as well as the majority of Google Ads and Microsoft Ads campaigns with conversion tracking.

The main differentiator of Revenue Optimization is the conversion values that are automatically synced with the platforms. Those conversion values are Revenue, i.e. the price of the product per conversion. Revenue optimization type does not require any additional settings.

It is the default optimization type for all accounts with conversion tracking. Users can apply any of the following goals:

  • Cost per Day
  • Cost per Conversion
  • ACoS/CRR

Profit Optimization

Profit Optimization is available for users with an Adspert Enterprise plan.

There are three ways to enable Profit Optimization:

  1. Providing a product feed to Adspert, so we can calculate the product gross and net profit considering the COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) from your product feed. It also takes into the account the platform fees, which are obtained automatically from the platform.
  2. In case of Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, where the conversion values can be defined manually, those can be inserted as gross profit. These campaigns then need to be marked as such on the Adspert side. Contact your Adspert representative for more information.
  3. Leveraging the Value of a conversion setting on the Settings page, where Revenue numbers can be converted into gross profit. However, that works on campaign level only, and not product – a limitation to keep in mind if working with eCommerce platforms.

Profit Optimization offers the following goals:

  • Cost/Day
  • Cost/Conversion
  • Profit Maximization – only for Enterprise customers, as it requires detailed set up and account preparation.

Click Optimization

Click Optimization is used when there is no conversion value to begin with. If there is no conversion tracking, Adspert automatically switches to Click Optimization.

It applies to Google Ads and Microsoft Ads accounts with no conversion tracking, and has a more limited reporting, as well as goals:

  • Cost per Day
  • Cost per Click.


In conclusion, our smart AI offers a range of powerful PPC optimization types, including Revenue, Profit, and Click optimization. These optimization options empower you to tailor your campaigns based on specific goals and platform requirements.

Whether you aim to maximize revenue, increase profitability, or optimize for clicks, Adspert provides the tools and expertise to achieve your objectives. With our AI’s comprehensive optimization capabilities, you can take your PPC campaigns to new heights and drive meaningful results for your business.

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