Bing PPC Management Guide: Mastering Bing Ads

The Mechanics of Bing PPC Ads

Is Bing Ads a good investment? How to get the most out of your invested PPC budget with Bing PPC management?

It’s quite likely that this question crossed your mind a few times. And we’re here to give you an answer.

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Amazon Ad Targeting: Automated or Manual?

amazon ad targeting

Suppose you are selling your products on Amazon. In that case, it’s quite likely that your marketing strategy already involves Amazon Ads.

Still, just in case you’re getting started, or you don’t know much about advertising on Amazon, here’s some useful information that you can use when deciding whether you’d like to go for automated targeting or manual targeting.

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Adspert ranked as Europe’s #1 Amazon PPC Tool

best amazon ppc tool

Amazon is a complex advertising platform and setting the right bids on keywords and products can get quite challenging. Therefore, David Zimmerman, the leading Amazon Ads Expert, has analyzed and ranked more than 40 tools that automate and manage Amazon Ads campaigns.

Among the top providers, Adspert was one of the tools to really convince in the area of profit-oriented automation. It was ranked as #4 Amazon PPC tool globally – the only non-U.S. provider, making Adspert #1 tool from Europe.

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How to Optimize Google Ads In 7 Ways

how to optimize Google Ads

With its 259 million unique visitors and 3.5 billion daily interactions, Google Ads is definitely the place to be in for advertising campaigns.

Of course, you’re already making the most out of these stats, and your PPC ads are up and running. But are you sure that your campaigns are reaching their full potential?

Things keep changing from updates to competitors, and you need to make sure you’re on top of it all and get the most out of your keywords and budget. To help you expand your Google Ads campaign, we’ve prepared seven tips to get you to the next level.

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How Automation Changed Digital Advertising

How Automation Changes Digital Advertising

As technology moves forward, the line between reality and the science fiction concepts that we have seen in movies thins out. Of course, not everything might be as spectacular as flying cars or human-like androids, but the small developments made in the field of AI (artificial intelligence) are note-worthy.

While discussing scientific innovation, we need to realize just how widespread technology has become. There are very few domains that have not been dominated or at least influenced by automation and technology, and advertising is not one of them. The truth is that marketers have already started using automation in their advertising campaigns, and the integration of software automation left their marks along the way.

But what changes do automation and software developments bring to the table? Can you use automation to optimize and improve your advertising campaigns? These are some questions that might have arisen in your mind, but no worries, we are going to tackle all of them right now.

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Google Ads vs Amazon Ads: Where Should You Advertise In 2023?

google ads vs amazon ads

There are several big names that typically come to our minds when we hear of digital advertising: Google Ads vs Amazon Ads. Google is, more often than not, the very first pick. The brand is so dominant that the word ‘google’ has become a transitive verb by now.

But who’s next on the list?

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Should I Advertise on Bing: Quick Rundown

should I advertise on Bing (Microsoft Advertising)

A recent study revealed that Google is still the most popular option when it comes to online searches, easily dominating the search engine usage with an average of 73.34% net market share.

By looking at the numbers, we can see why Google Ads would be an excellent starting place for advertising your business. But even though the platform offers a broad and diverse audience, among many other benefits, it also brings a ferocious list of competitors.

This would be just one of the reasons why an additional investment in other advertising platforms would be a smart move to make. There are a few choices regarding digital marketing tools, but today, we would like to introduce you to Microsoft Advertising and show you the advantages of using it.

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Google Ads Optimization Checklist: 7 Essential Steps

google ads optimization checklist

When used to its full capacity, Google Ads is a handy and powerful marketing tool.

It can be that one thing that your business needs to take off, so investing time and resources into improving the performance of Google Ads accounts should be a top priority for any tech-savvy company.

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