Boost your PLA campaigns on eBay

✓ Always the best keywords.

✓ Always the most efficient bids.

✓ 24/7 automatic optimization.

Amazon PPC profit optimization

Automatically Find the Best Settings for “Promoted Listings Advanced”

As an eBay Seller, you can use the new campaign type “PLA” (Promoted Listings Advanced) to participate in advertising auctions where your listings are displayed at the top of eBay’s search results. eBay determines which listing is shown on the top using factors like keyword relevance, your bid amount and other sellers’ bids.

Adspert’s successful AdTech AI automatically identifies the best settings for auction-based PPC campaigns and will soon be available to you for the German eBay marketplace.

What Benefits Will I Get for My eBay PLA Campaigns?

Boost Campaigns Through Artificial Intelligence

Adspert’s smart AI analyzes thousands of data points 24/7. It identifies good and poor performing keywords and automatically adjusts their bids with a maxCPC to maximize your profit. Keywords suggested by eBay as well as manually added keywords can be managed by Adspert.

Goal-Based Bidding Strategies

Whatever your strategy – increase reach, more sales, budget optimization or profit maximization – you define the goals towards which Adspert should optimize your campaigns. Adspert offers you various optimization algorithms, such as Cost per Day, Cost per Conversion, ROI and many more.

Efficient Use of Budget

Adspert offers you reporting in a modern and easy-to-use dashboard, where you can see the results of the campaigns at a single glance and sliced and diced to your liking and preference. This will help you to make informed, data-driven decisions about your eBay Advertising campaigns. On top of that, helpful notifications will ensure that you make those decisions in time, e.g. if a campaign would benefit from a budget change, because it was not fully spent or used up too early in the day.

No Black Box – Full Control

We document E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. that Adspert does to optimize your eBay Advertising campaigns in a changelog. You will always have full transparency on what happens with your eBay Advertising Account.

How Adspert’s Algorithmic Bidding for eBay PPC Works?

Analyzing data

Adspert analyzes thousands of data points and your current eBay PLA campaign performance.

Modelling the market

Adspert’s AI-based algorithm models the market and runs different scenarios to determine the optimal bids for you.

Maximizing the profit

Like the snowball effect, Adspert’s machine learning algorithm gets better and better over time to continuously improve your performance.

Adspert already supports eCommerce companies very successfully on other platforms such as Amazon Advertising, Google Ads and Bing.

Amazon Advertising Tool Review
Amazon Advertising Tool Review
Our Amazon workload has been drastically reduced ever since we started working with Adspert. After six productive years of working together, I can safely rely on Adspert.

– Alexander Bell — Head of IT and Marketing @ Birken Apotheke

We are satisfied with the current results and, with more software features on the way, Adspert will become an even more valuable partner for Polar. We look forward to continuing our cooperation with Adspert and to even more impressive results through their innovative AMS solutions.

– Digital Marketing Team – Polar Watch

We are pleased with the regular communication and this constant exchange of information has led to a more conscious campaign structure consideration and adaptation. After our campaign performance started to stabilize following the implementation of Adspert, we were able to post a measurable improvement in their effectiveness.

– Philipp Sester – Group Managing Partner @ Klingel

Since working with Adspert, we have seen a continuous improvement of our ACoS target-settings. We don’t have to spend as much time monitoring and maintaining campaigns anymore, and the time saved can be invested in developing other important parts of our company. We are completely satisfied with the results so far and are happy with the continuous development of the system.

– Tino Hartmann – Founder @ Baby Sweet

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