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Adspert is a powerful PPC optimization tool that helps you grow your eCommerce profit.


What does Adspert's advanced PPC AI deliver?

Optimize Towards Individual Goals

PPC Optimization Towards Individual Goals

Whatever your goals and strategies – increase reach, more sales, budget optimization, or profit maximization of your products – you define the goals towards which Adspert should optimize your campaigns.

Adspert offers various optimization goals, such as Cost per Day, Cost per Conversion, ACoS and ROAS.

Always the Right Targets. Always the Most Efficient Bids

Adspert’s algorithm identifies good and poor performing criteria (biddable objects like keywords, ASINs, placements etc.). It automatically adjusts their bids to ensure you reach your goals.

Our automation AI also uses the so-called criteria harvesting and suggests additional keywords or ASINs (if you are using Amazon Ads). All of which works towards improving your ads' performance — either by reducing your cost or generating more volume.

Don’t want to spend your precious time reviewing all suggestions? No problem! You can let Adspert automatically add these criteria to your PPC campaigns and save time.

Adspert PPC optimization AI

Run Scenarios To Set the Optimal Goals

Become a fortune teller by running scenarios in Adspert! Our PPC tool simulates how different target values will affect your campaign performance (e.g. an ACoS target of 20% vs. an ACoS target of 15%).

This helps you set the optimal goals and understand how your target values affect other KPIs (e.g. Cost per Conversion, ROAS, Clicks, etc.).

Make Informed Decisions and Put Your Budget Where It Matters

Do you know through which keyword, or Product Attribute (ASIN) a product was sold? Adspert does! Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Get automatically notified when your campaigns would benefit from a budget change. For example, if the budget is too low and used up too early in the day.

Adspert Platforms

Optimize All Your PPC Campaigns in One Place

Adspert is a PPC tool for multiple eCommerce platforms. With Adspert you can connect and optimize your Amazon Ads, eBay Ads, Google Ads, and Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) accounts in one place.

In this way you can easily compare your results across different platforms and make strategic PPC advertising decisions on the fly.

Advanced PPC AI - Not a Black Box

We understand you might be skeptical about giving control (especially of your budget) to an artificial intelligence. That’s why we document E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. that Adspert does to optimize your PPC campaigns in a changelog.

You always have full and transparent insight into what happens with your ad accounts.

Adspert Changelog

Start With Adspert in Three Easy Steps

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Start optimization

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Ready to maximize your eCommerce profit?

24/7 AI-based PPC Optimization Tool

Our advanced PPC AI analyzes thousands of data points, models the market, and runs different scenarios to determine the optimal settings for you – 24/7. Through its machine learning algorithm it continuously improves over time to enhance your PPC performance and ultimately grow your profit, not just sales!

Free up time and resources

Adspert automates all processes related to keyword maintenance, campaign optimization, and bid changes. This helps you boost your ad campaign profitability and at the same time frees up your resources. Adspert saves you time so you can focus on your core business.

International and independent

Adspert’s ad management software works worldwide with all languages, time zones, and currencies. Even though Adspert is an official partner of multiple advertising platforms, it works exclusively with your interests in mind, dominating all sectors and markets. 

Make informed decisions

With Adspert, you get clear PPC campaign results in a user-friendly dashboard. See everything you need at a glance, customized to your preferences. This empowers you to make informed decisions based on data, keeping your business competitive.

No black box

Adspert is 100% transparent. All changes are documented and fully accessible in the Log. Our advanced AI-powered initiates and delivers an in-depth insight into all fundamentals and results.

Get expert support

We got your back! Our highly qualified account management team has years of experience in managing thousands of advertising accounts. Expert advice on how to grow your eCommerce sales and ad campaign profitability is always only one click away.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can test Adspert free of charge for 30 days with no obligations. You can start your trial without providing a credit card and it will automatically end after the trial period.

Adspert’s PPC software uses statistical algorithms originating in stock market trading. Our AI-powered PPC optimization tool has been successfully used for over 10 years to improve the performance of thousands of advertising campaigns for numerous clients on various platforms.

Using its unique algorithms, Adspert has developed an Artificial Intelligence that analyzes thousands of data points daily, models markets, makes predictions, and is constantly evolving. As a result, Adspert enables eCommerce businesses to automatically adjust bids and optimize campaign settings. This saves you time and maximizes the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

With Adspert, you can do more than just automatically optimize your campaign performance. You can also perform scenario analysis, which predicts how your ad campaigns will perform with different goal settings. This helps you identify opportunities and choose the optimal optimization goals.

To start your Adspert trial or subscription you only need an online advertising account with active campaigns and a working conversion tracking.

We support the following advertising platforms: Amazon Ads, eBay Ads, Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads).

Adspert is a plug and play solution and ready to go in 2 minutes.

Yes, even if you don’t have conversion tracking, you can still use Adspert.

In this case Adspert can optimize your account for clicks. That means you get more traffic (= clicks) at lower costs-per-click (CPCs).

No. Adspert only shares in the revenue generated from the campaigns you optimize with Adspert and that is attributed to the campaign’s performance. 

Whether Adspert increases or decreases a PPC bid percentage depends on the conversion rate and the value of each conversion.

For instance, if a specific region has a slightly lower conversion rate than the campaign average, but significantly higher conversion values Adspert would apply a positive bid adjustment despite the lower conversion rate.

These adjustments are possible only if conversion values are provided through the e.g. Google Ad API or if you set conversion values at the criteria level via the Adspert API. To prevent simultaneous CPC adjustments that could affect bid adjustments, Adspert implements bid adjustments gradually, with a maximum increase or decrease of 25% per day.

Read on to learn more about Adspert PPC bid adjustments.

Yes, you can optimize remarketing campaigns with Adspert. 

Your targeting for your remarketing campaigns will be considered as it is for all other campaign types. Adspert focuses on PPC bid optimization and does not modify your targeting settings.

Our smart PPC tool sets bid in two different ways:

– If several remarketing lists are used in one ad group

– Adspert sets individual bids for placements according to their performance.

Adspert includes specific placements in remarketing campaigns to adjust bids accordingly. It’s important to note that people on the same remarketing list can be reached through different placements. These different placements often indicate varying levels of purchase intent for individuals.

To optimize performance, it is beneficial to set different bids for different placements. To achieve this, it is necessary to add the placements to the remarketing campaigns. This ensures that the right bids are set based on the placement where the ads will be displayed.

Adspert works with the conversion data of the respective advertising platform. Adspert does not support external conversion data providers. Below you will find the further details per advertising platform.


Amazon Ads

Adspert automatically retrieves your Conversion value from Amazon Ads.


Google Ads

Adspert either needs native Google conversions in a Google Ads account or imported Google Analytics goals to know the number of conversions. Adspert will optimise for every conversion action that is included in conversion. 

You can find more information about conversion tracking directly from Google Ads.


Microsoft Ads

Adspert will optimise for every active conversion action. You can find more information about conversion tracking directly from Microsoft Advertising.



Usually Adspert achieves targets in 5-7 days.

However, this depends on how much the new goals differ from the current values. If the new goals are close to the current measured market values, the new goals can be achieved after one day. In case goals differ strongly from the current KPIs, the goal achievement can take a few days.

Typically new goals will be achieved in 2 to 5 days – if those goals can be achieved in the market and are not bound by budget limits.

We recommend a difference of the current value and the new target value of a maximum of 20% based on the current value.

If necessary, adjust your daily budget of advertising campaigns in your Amazon Ads, eBay Ads, Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising platform.

Almost never. Why? Negative keyword marks a keyword that is excluded from the system. On most platforms, exclusion (adding a negative keyword) is a very final action. When a keyword is marked negative, it is excluded and cannot be added back in case you or Adspert change their minds.

In other words, the keyword is excluded and cannot be included again unless you do it manually.

That is why as a general rule, Adspert rarely excludes keywords due to their poor performance. You see, excluding a keyword could potentially cause loss of traffic if the keyword is, for example, very seasonal.

Instead, Adspert’s preferred course of action when noticing a poor-performing keyword is to reduce the bid. So there are still chances for generating traffic and conversions, but with a much smaller risk.

Fraud Detection Control

Every advertising platform works with their own fraud detection control, to make sure that the traffic is not fraudful. Thus Adspert doesn’t actively do anything against click bots. These fraud detection control measurements are one reason why there’s a delay in getting the data reports from the advertising platforms to Adspert.


Fraudful traffic generated by click bots has fewer conversions than valid traffic. Adspert recognizes it and decreases the bids for the traffic that is generating below-average performance.

Cross-platform optimization enables you to optimize campaigns from different accounts and platforms (e.g.,,, google ads) in a single PPC optimization tool – Adspert.

Read more about PPC optimization comparison.

Adspert offers three PPC optimization types: Revenue, Profit and Click Optimization.

Depending on your platform, account settings and conversion values, all three options might not be available at all times.

Learn more about Adspert PPC optimization types.

Adspert supports the following goals:

– Cost per Day

– Cost per Conversion


– Cost Revenue Ratio (CRR)

– Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS)

After you choose a goal type, you can set goal values. Read more about Adspert PPC goal types.

Before changing the Cost per Day goal to an ACoS, ROAS, or Cost per Conversion goal in Adspert, first check your Performance Group conversions.


As opposed to the Cost per Day goal, ACoS, ROAS, and Cost per Conversion goals are revenue-based goals. To optimize for any of the three revenue-based goals, our PPC algorithm needs sufficient revenue data. The revenue data comes from conversions. In other words – if a Performance Group has not yet generated enough conversions, then it is not yet the time to switch to any revenue-based goal.

Learn more about revenue-based goals in Adspert and see how you can check the number of conversions.

There are multiple reasons why the performance of a particular account may suffer. The online advertising world is a constantly changing landscape. Competition intensity changes, user behavior varies, external events like weather or politics all affect how Ads campaigns perform over time. Another factor affecting the performance of your account is the changes you or the tools you use do.

Before you go into panic mode, please spend some time and try to identify the possible cause of this performance drop.

Here are a couple of ideas for your troubleshooting:

– Changes on your website or your products/listings

– Settings in the bid management tool

– Competitor activities

– Seasonality and benchmarking

– Changes in shoppers’ behavior

– External events

– Changes in the advertising platform

Read on to learn more about why your ads are not performing.

No, the optimization doesn’t stop. Adspert is still optimizing the Performance Group and connected advertising campaigns to the nearest reachable goal.

For example, if the non-reachable goal is 10% ACoS and the nearest reachable goal is 20% ACoS, Adspert optimizes the Performance Group towards 20% ACoS.

When setting the Performance Groups goal, check the Scenario view. The curve on the chart forecasts goal values. There is a shadow behind the Scenario curve. The point where the shadow is the most narrow reflects the goal value that is the most within reach. The wider the shadow gets, the more the goal is out of reach.

Even though the optimization runs regardless if the Performance Group goal is reachable or not, we strongly advise you to set a reachable goal to get the best possible results.

Choose this goal if you want to achieve a certain return on investment (ROI), also known as ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). Adspert calculates the ROI as follows: conveyed profit before ad spend divided by costs. For a successful ROI optimization your conversion tracking must register conversion values.

Proceed the following way:

1. Calculate your goal ROI:
ROI = Sum of profits before ad spend / Sum of ad spends

2. Enter your goal ROI in Adspert.

3. Typically your goal ROI is > 1 if you want to make profit.



= Sum of profits before ad spend / Sum of ad spends
= 10.000,- EUR / 5.000,- EUR
= 2

In this example you enter “2” as goal ROI in Adspert.