PPC AI: How Adspert’s Algorithm Nails Bid Optimization

PPC AI Algorithm

In this article, I will explain how our PPC AI algorithm works and boost your PPC (pay-per-click) ad profits.

The Adspert algorithm is designed to get the most out of all your biddable objects: keywords, products, categories, audiences and everything else that can be bid on.

Our ultimate goal? To secure you the best possible bids and help you achieve your goals within your specified budget.

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Prime Day In October: 3 Tips to Boost Your Sales

Prime Day in October

The rumors are over: Prime Day in October is on! After last year’s Prime Early Access Sale, Amazon introduced it as Prime Big Deal Days.

In recent months many eCommerce businesses had to adapt or cut costs for various external reasons. This is your golden opportunity to increase sales already before Black Friday! After another record-breaking Amazon Prime Day 2023 in July it makes sense to grab the chance and take part.

Read on to learn how to get your Amazon store and listings ready for the event.

How to Improve PPC Performance: 7 Reasons for Below-Average Results

how to improve ppc performance

There are multiple reasons why the performance of a particular account may suffer. The online advertising world is a constantly changing landscape.

Competition intensity changes, user behavior varies, external events like weather or politics all affect how Ads campaigns perform over time.

Another factor affecting the performance of your account is the changes you or the tools you use do.

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Amazon PPC Optimization: Ultimate Guide (2023)

This is an ultimate guide to Amazon PPC Optimization in 2023.

So if you want to optimize your Amazon Ads and grow your sales, you’ll enjoy the actionable tips in this new guide.

Let’s dig in!

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Promote Listing on eBay: Now More Space for Your Ads (2023)

Ad slots for eBay Promoted Listings Advanced have expanded again. The best part?

You can win even more impressions and sales of your listings with the help of eBay ads.

Keep reading and find out more about all details related to the most recent slot expansion of Promoted Listings Advanced.

How Does Adspert Find New Keywords in Amazon?

amazon ads new keywords

Like any other PPC advertising, Amazon Ads is (among a few other options) based on keywords.

To get the best results and keep your Amazon PPC ads optimized to the fullest, Adspert keeps finding new keywords.

How? Our smart AI uses two methods: syncing and refinement.

In this article, you will learn how Adspert applies both methods to help you improve your ad campaign profitability.

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What PPC Goal Types Does Adspert Support?

PPC Goal Type

Making the right choice among various goal types can sometimes be a daunting task in Adspert.

To simplify this decision-making process, we have compiled a concise list of goal definitions and explanations.

This article will guide you through different goal types available in Adspert, helping you choose the most suitable one for your advertising campaigns.

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Best Products To Sell on Amazon (in 2023)

Best Things To Sell on Amazon

In this article, I will introduce the products that you should sell on Amazon.

I will tell you exactly how to find out which products have a higher chance of success on Amazon.

I will also list super useful tips and tricks to make the most of your Amazon store.

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Adspert PPC Optimization Types: Revenue, Profit and Click

PPC Optimization Type

Adspert offers three different optimization types: Revenue, Profit and Click Optimization.

Depending on your platform, account settings and conversion values, all three options might not be available at all times. Read on to learn more about each optimization type.

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How to Advertise on Amazon: From Zero to Hero

Advertising on Amazon

If you are a business owner with products to sell then you’re probably asking yourself two things:

  • Where can I sell my products?
  • How can I advertise my products?

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