What makes Yandex different, and should you invest in it?

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Of course, everybody knows about Google. It’s quite likely that this is the search engine you use daily. And depending on your age, you might have heard of Yahoo! and Bing. Even Baidu might sound familiar to some of you. But what do you know about Yandex?

If the answer is ‘Not much,’ then you’re in the right place! Because today, we’re not only going to tell you more about Yandex, we’ll also show you why it’s a good investment. 

What Is Yandex? 

Yandex is actually a Russian company that created a search engine with the same name. To better understand how this engine works, we suggest that you try using it a few times. 

But to give you a general idea, once you are on the main page, you can find the following features:

  • The search bar
  • Images
  • Video
  • Mail
  • Maps 
  • Appmetrica
  • Translate
  • Browser 

Like most search engines, Yandex has its own ads system. If you want to create ads on Yandex, you can do so through Yandex.Direct. Like the advertisements on Google Ads or Bing Ads, the advertisements on Yandex also work based on a PPC principle. 

How Is Yandex Different?

In many ways, Yandex resembles Google or any other search engine. It has similar features, and the ads system works similarly. But then, how is Yandex different?

Well, the main difference is in the language. Yandex was created for the Russian market and Russian speakers. This means that it was designed with the Cyrillic alphabet in mind.

But don’t think that the Cyrillic alphabet is the only complexity of this language. Russian has 6 cases, which affect the order of words in a sentence. Like German, Russian also has many prefixes and suffixes that change the meaning of the words.

We must also consider that the other search engines rank websites based on the specific keyword the internet user types in. All of these factors make it difficult for other search engines to give accurate results. 

On the other hand, Yandex is able to take user intent into consideration and in a way, disregard the spelling of the keywords. So for a Russian speaker, Yandex offers more accurate search results.

Should You Invest in Yandex?

If you’re targeting the Russian market, then the answer is most obviously yes. A different geographical market has specific requirements, and Yandex’s location-based advertising helps with that. Also, Yandex allows you to lower or raise your bids depending on the user’s characteristics (age, gender, etc.), which can improve your ad’s interaction with your target audience.

You might think that creating ads on Yandex is difficult, but if you already have a few ad campaigns going on Google, you will do just fine on Yandex. Just like on Google Ads, there are a few different ad formats that you can choose from:

The creation of the ad is also pretty straightforward. You choose the ad format, you write the header and the ad’s text, and you select your keywords and bids. There are other features on the side, but Yandex guides you through the process and gives you a lot of useful information.  

Bottom Line

Depending on your business goals, investing in Yandex might be one of the best decisions you can make. Yandex.Direct is not hard to use, and it gives you all the tools you need to create the perfect ads. 

But of course, creating ads is not enough. Because of Yandex.Direct works on PPC, you have to be mindful of things such as keywords and bids. In short, if you want to have successful ad campaigns, you need to keep an eye on them and optimize them as often as possible. 

We know that’s not an ideal scenario, especially for the busy business owner that’s on the run. You probably have more important things that require your attention and time. And let’s be honest, bringing together a skilled marketing team will cost you. 

But we have a solution for you. And that solution comes in the form of automation. 

Just think about it. Wouldn’t it just be perfect if all of your campaigns would be optimized automatically? Well, Adspert does that for you!

In fact, Adspert optimizes all of your campaigns on all platforms. So save up your time and invest in Adspert today.