Strengthen Your Digital Advertising Stack with Yandex Advertising

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There are many platforms on which people can market their services or products, but the most well-known and popular search engine that also doubles as an advertising platform is Google, followed by Microsoft Bing. By looking at current statistics, we notice that in any top classification, we have a search engine that not many may have heard about, and that is Yandex.

Yandex is a search engine that was initially designed for a predominantly Russian audience, being a platform that features a full-text search that supports Russian morphology. As the platform grew in popularity, the developers of Yandex decided to bring a few updates to it, and they added an English version to the search engine, essentially giving it an international reach. 

Like many other search engines, Yandex presents a multitude of features, one of which is online advertising. The platform offers advertisers a broad audience of more than 40,000 sites, including websites, mobile apps, Smart TV apps, and digital outdoor advertising operator surfaces. To better understand how online advertising works on Yandex and how we can target its users, we must first understand what Yandex is, how big the platform’s reach, and what kind of people use it. 

The Basics of Yandex 

Yandex is a Russian multinational company that provides a wide variety of internet-related services and products. It offers over 70 services: online advertising, email services, maps, data management, app analytics, music, and video streaming, calendar,  smart home technologies, eCommerce, and many others. 

According to recent studies, Yandex’s search engine has a market share in the Russian Federation of 42.46%, falling closely behind Google. As mentioned before, Yandex was explicitly created for a Russian-speaking population, which means that most of its target audience can be found in Russia. But there are other countries that use Yandex. In fact, in the following selection of countries, Yandex is the second most used search engine: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.

Concentrating on Russia alone, the country has over 108 million people using the internet, representing around 76.4% of its population. This makes Russia the most massive Internet audience in all of Europe. To give you a better understanding of its following, the Yandex homepage has about 38.5 million monthly visitors, being the 4th most popular website in Russia.

How Does Yandex Advertising Work?

Yandex offers a bundle of marketing services that encompass Yandex.Direct (the Yandex advertising network called YAN for short), Yandex Audiences, and Yandex.Metrica. We also have five types of ads on Yandex, and these are:

  • Text and image ads
  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • Dynamic ads
  • Smart banners

Yandex also has 15 types of audience targeting options for your marketing campaigns, but from these, YAN mostly uses behavioral targeting and context targeting to select which ads will appear when a user is searching for something.

Some other targeting methods re socio-demographic targeting, targeting by mobile app interest, time targeting, and of course, their retargeting and audiences strategy, which lets you present your ad to internet users who show a genuine interest in your product or service.  The various targeting features that Yandex allows you to have a firm grasp on your audience, endorsing niche marketing, and supporting your ads in an area you might not be familiar with.  

The platform uses Matrixnet, a machine learning method, to determine which ads would be relevant by checking the user’s online behavior. Matrixnet uses more than 120 position factors, such as demographics, user’s online behavior, and user’s interests to predict the probability that a user will click on a specific ad. 

When it comes to your bids, Yandex determines bid adjustments by checking the click quality, which is predicted based on the goals the advertiser indicated in their average CPA (cost-per-action) strategy. So if the click on an ad is of normal quality, then Yandex will enter it in the auction, but if the click is of lower quality, then Yan will lower the advertiser’s bid to correspond with the predicted click quality.

Of course, keywords are also an important matter when it comes to advertising on Yandex. Keywords work differently in search results and ad networks. In search results, the keyword will determine which user search will trigger ads from your group, but in ad networks, keywords will be displayed in the ads network based on site content and the audience’s interest. 

Advertising Made Easy on Yandex Ads

If you want to start or expand your business and have your services on the Eastern European market, then Yandex Advertising is definitely a good investment to make. But targeting a different demographic altogether or learning the various features that Yandex Advertising presents and, additionally, learning how they work, might be a time-consuming and challenging task.

To avoid these struggles, you can use Adspert to manage your campaigns on Yandex or other platforms, like Google Ads, Amazon Advertising, or Microsoft Advertising. Being available for all languages, time zones, and currencies worldwide and working around the clock, Adspert will make sure you get the most of your marketing campaign. 

No matter the platform you use, Adpert automizes your online advertising campaigns by using cutting edge technologies. But the most significant thing about Adspert is that you don’t have to choose just one search engine on which you can market your products or services. How so? It’s because Adspert will optimize your campaigns on all search platforms (Google, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo!, and Yandex) at the same time, to ensure that you will achieve your business goals.