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Industry Travel
Location France


BlaBlaCar is the world’s leading long-distance carpooling platform, with over 65 million members across 22 countries. Every quarter, over 20 million travelers trust BlaBlaCar’s people-powered travel network, serving to connect passengers looking for a ride to drivers with empty seats. For millions of members, BlaBlaCar is making travel a more social, economic, and efficient experience.

Status Quo

BlaBlaCar’s goal was to push the number of bookings generated through Yandex to new heights while decreasing their CPA by at least 10%. Achieving this goal meant the team at BlaBlaCar needed a solution to further optimize their Yandex ad spend. Adspert needed to perform better than any other Yandex optimizer. Bolstered by past successes – beating competitors on other platforms like Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising thanks to industry-leading algorithms – the Adspert team rose to the challenge.


Adspert’s Algorithm always sets the ideal bid for every keyword to gradually increase performance. Furthermore, Adspert and its dashboard are very easy and intuitive to use.

As a clean benchmark, BlaBlaCar ran a test where Adspert had three weeks to outshine one of its own competitors. Both companies were tasked with optimizing Yandex campaigns and Adspert’s target was to reduce the Cost Per Conversion (bookings) by at least 10%. The following are the results achieved by Adspert following the three-week benchmark test:

ConversionsCost per ConversionConversion rate

What BlablaCar says

“Adspert integration was very smooth: The account connection process is simple and being able to use Yandex Metrica tracking is very convenient. Historical data can be imported in just a few minutes and the integration is complete, with the Adspert tool ready to start optimizing campaigns. When tested against the competitor we used to work with, not only did Adspert reach our goal, but it exceeded it and overperformed.”